How to assign a button

You will need
  • - MediaKey,
Download and install the MediaKey application, which allows you to fine-tune the function buttons of the multimedia keyboard.
Launch the installed program and go to the “Buttons” tab of the opened main application window.
Clicka button“Add” in the bottom toolbar of the MediaKey program window and indicate the key (or combination of buttons) to be reassigned.
Click selecteda buttonand enter the desired name for the action in the "Enter a name for the button" field of the "Enter a name" dialog box that opens. Use the suggested names of the predefined actions or enter a value that is understandable to the user and recognized by the program.
Specify the desired action in the "Actions" section and make the necessary changes to its characteristics.
Repeat the above algorithm for each button for reassignment. You can also change the preset actions of the function keys, such as Win + any other button.
Use the capabilities of the MediaKey application to assign the value of the selected actions to the key combinations Win + an unused button on a regular, non-multimedia keyboard (example: Win + space - volume control).
Click the diskette symbol in the right corner of the bottom toolbar of the application window to save the selected changes or use the adjacent icon to define the reassigned keys and enable the possibility of making changes to the list of buttons.
Go to the "Settings" tab of the main window of the MyKey program to edit the display parameters of the application.
Take the opportunity to change the settings of the OSD function - a graphical way of displaying changes in the parameters of the selected mode. Choose the classic option to display a simple line with no background or specify the Pop-up option to use the more familiar computer method.

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