How to avoid chronic fatigue

How does chronic fatigue manifest itself?

Of course, the most important symptom is constant, not passing fatigue. A person feels tired already from the first morning minutes when he washes and has breakfast. This negatively affects the body's performance: the concentration of attention is disturbed, memory, and thought processes are inhibited.

People with chronic fatigue are often subject to anxiety, fear, dark thoughts. This leads to insomnia. Despite severe fatigue, a person still cannot immediately fall asleep, turning over dark thoughts in his head.

One of the first symptoms of an overstrain in the nervous system is headache, especially in the temples. Pain can be observed in the muscles of the whole body.

How to avoid the appearance of chronic fatigue?

You need to love your job, this is the best surge agent. It is equally important to consider the following points:

Healthy sleep. 7-8 hours is the minimum for a good sleep.The rise time must be calculated so that there is enough time for all morning affairs with a small margin. Excessive rush tires and strains.

Sorting cases. So that at the end of the working day you do not fall down from tiredness, you can try to divide the case into 4 categories: important + urgent, important + non-urgent, unimportant + urgent, unimportant + non-urgent. This will help to understand what needs to be done right now, what can be done a little later, and what can and not be done.

Lunch time. Lunch is required! This is a well-deserved time of proper rest and eating. It is necessary to turn off all the phones and devote your time to lunch. Food, it is desirable to choose a light, to avoid heaviness in the afternoon.

Weekends and holidays. Many workers shoulder the extra work that they do all weekends. Chronic fatigue most often dwells among them. Weekends are a legitimate rest. Devote this time to family and favorite activities. On vacation, you definitely shouldn't take work phones and laptops with you. The better you rest, the better you will work after the holidays.

What to do when symptoms are found?

If sleep and good rest do not help get rid of fatigue, you should consult a doctor. Chronic fatigue can be a symptom of many diseases.But first you need to reconsider your lifestyle: give up bad habits and harmful food; exclude from the diet sausages, chips, snacks; increase consumption of greens, vegetables, nuts, cereals; increase the intake of foods containing vitamin B; be sure to have breakfast; give up late dinner.

Many doctors recommend yoga, massage, meditation and breathing exercises to strengthen their physical and mental health.

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