How to avoid stretch marks on the abdomen during pregnancy

To prevent the formation of stretch marks on the abdomen during pregnancy, review your diet. It should be enough animal protein, cereals, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Exclude from your menu baking, sweets, preservatives, fatty, spicy and fried foods. Try to limit salt (sodium) intake. During this period, the diet should contain more potassium, which is found in foods such as raisins, dried apricots, pears and bananas.
Use prescribed by the attending physician vitamin-mineral complexes, which are designed specifically for pregnant women. Thus, you will be able to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. In the diet must be present products enriched with tocopherol (vitamin E) and retinol (vitamin A).These include vegetable oils, dairy products, liver and eggs.
To prevent the appearance of stretch marks, use water procedures. During home washing, massage the skin with a tight mitten with light surface movements. Once or twice a week, apply exfoliating cream, applying it on problem areas. It will improve the blood circulation of the skin.
During pregnancy, to prevent stretch marks, use a special cream. Carefully read the annotation of this cosmetic to make sure that it is not contraindicated during pregnancy. In any case, the first 12 weeks should abandon creams from stretch marks.
The cream, which prevents the appearance of stretch marks, should include the following components: elastic proteins (elastin and collagen), organic acids. They greatly enhance the effect of cosmetics. In addition, the cream for stretch marks should contain tocopherol (vitamin E), retinol (vitamin A), essential oils, fish oil, extracts of various plants, nutrients of natural origin.
A quality stretch mark cream should make the skin more elastic and resilient so that its own elastin and collagen fibers will stretch perfectly.To improve the effect of a cosmetic product of this action should be applied regularly. Before using the cream for stretch marks, consult with your doctor, as during pregnancy, the use of any drug can be dangerous.
You can replace the cream for stretch marks with olive oil. Of course, its action will be more secure. A great effect is having a massage with olive oil. The skin in the abdomen should be massaged with gentle stroking movements.

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