How to be ready for trouble

Watch for information. See news releases and read newspapers. The more data you have about what is happening around you, the better you will be able to prepare for the coming troubles. People who have no idea about the situation in the world of economics and politics can not predict what will happen in a month or a year. And individuals who follow the information, who are able to analyze it and combine the facts into a single picture, are more likely to learn about the upcoming catastrophe before its occurrence.
Save money on unexpected expenses. With each salary, leave a certain amount just in case. Sometimes suddenly there are situations in which only finances can help. In order not to look for where you can urgently get a loan or borrow money, have your own stock. Agree with your loved ones like this: if everything goes well, for a certain period the critical situation does not occur, you can spend the accumulated amount on something for the house or general vacation.So you will have an additional incentive not to deviate from your rule.
Take care of the necessary supply of water and emergency supplies. Get a small warehouse of canned food and drinking water at home and in the country. By the way, the liquid is sometimes required not only drinking, but also for domestic needs, for example, if you turn off the water due to an emergency in the house. Pour running water into a separate canister.
Develop a cipher with your loved ones with which you can tell them about the danger. This may be a definite phrase, seemingly innocuous, but containing a code word. You can come up with a whole system of signs that will help you and your family members communicate what happened to you and where you are.
Think about getting a second profession. So, if suddenly your work turns out to be unclaimed, or there is too much competition for it, or income in your area suddenly falls, you can move to work in another area. Think about what else, except for your main activity, you have the ability, and hedge up. There is anything in life: today you are a successful person, and tomorrow you are unemployed.
Do not be too careless.Always think about the fallback and unforeseen situations. Do not turn into a bore or a pessimist. But to prepare for the fact that events will develop not according to the established scenario will not be superfluous. For example, if you are going on a trip, take medicine with you and scan your documents. Learn your bank card numbers or write them to a safe place. If you lose them or they are stolen from you, you will be able to block cards very quickly and protect your money.
Strengthen your health, think about the future. It will save you from many troubles. Some individuals treat their bodies quite carelessly. This can lead to serious problems. Observing the regime, doing physical exercise, eating right and strengthening the immune system, you are insured against many troubles.
Do not spoil relations with your neighbors, friends and relatives. Maybe at some point you urgently need the help of other people, and you will not be able to ask them about it. Try to establish contact with all your friends. Do not skimp on smiles and kind words. If your life comes into trouble, you will be with someone nearby.

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