How to become a witch in Sims 3?

How to become a witch in Sims 3?

How to become a witch in Sims 3?



Before describing the process of how to become a witch in Sims 3, I would like to tell you what it is to be a witch.


The race of witches is somewhat similar to the race of fairies. And their magic is similar. Like fairies, witches have magical power as a fundamental success factor for magic. When using spells, it is magic power that is spent on fairies and witches. You can follow the expenditures of the wolf power with the help of a special scale, located under the character portrait.


About the depletion of magical power notify such emerging states as "depletion of magical forces", "Critical depletion of magical forces." With the exhaustion of magical powers, you should wait for their recovery, because without the magical powers the witch is not able to create witchcraft, and therefore to train the skills of spells. The stock of magical powers is restored on its own, in a natural way. But, if the player needs an urgent acceleration of recuperation, you can drink the potion "The Essence of Magic."In addition, flying on a broomstick can speed up this process to a small extent.


But only one magical power is not enough to cast spells by a witch. A necessary tool for this is the Magic Wand. In the baggage of witches you can find the standard version of the magic wand.


The total number in the game is nine different kinds of magic wands that can be bought in the store. For the development of skill sticks are not given. Wands can be used to create any spell, but the higher the cost of the wand, the more accurate the result and, most importantly, the more efficient.


In addition to the magic wand in the luggage you can find the vehicle of all witches - a broomstick.


This, of course, is absolutely necessary for the witch attribute, because it is the broom that distinguishes witches from other witchcraft races. In total, the game has four types of brooms, which are easily bought in the store as well.


How to become a witch?



So, it's time to consider how to become a witch in Sims 3.

  1. Firstly, I would like to say that in Sims 3 there is no division into "bad" and "good" witches. Spells for all witches are the same, and the decision on the use of certain incidents belongs only to the player.
  2. The easiest way is, of course, the character editor.To do this, go to the editor of the characters, you must create a new character in the game Sims and define for him the race "Witch". The further creation of the witch is similar to the creation of an ordinary character. Having created a witch, the player starts the game in a new family, having, thanks to the magical abilities of the class, the opportunity to develop her sorcerous skills, practicing in the creation of various spells.
  3. Another way to gain the witch’s abilities is to drink a magic elixir (in a bottle) as a character. For the manufacture of this potion will need ingredients such as fireflies, moonstones, toads. In addition, do not forget about the pumping skills "Alchemy" to the ninth level. Also, this potion is bought in the alchemical shop.
  4. Well, the last way provided by the game is to pass on the ability to magic by inheritance. This pleasant innovation will create a whole dynasty of witches and sorcerers.


Sorcery skill.



Having considered the question of how to become a witch in Sims 3, one cannot miss the description of the magic skill.


The spellcasting skill in Sims 3 is hidden, and it is possible to observe its development only from the messages that are automatically displayed by the game. Again, I repeat that in Sims 3 witches are not divided into "good" and "bad."


Practicing in the creation of spells, the witch reaches a new level.

  1. At the first level, only a spell is available to the witch, which increases the success of the character on whom it is cast.
  2. The next level, which is achieved by the witch, allows you to explore the spells "Fire" and "Ice" explosions. Imposed on the character, spells either make him burn or freeze him. These spells are also used on items.
  3. The third level opens the possibility of improving various items, as well as providing access to a spell fight. To participate in the fight, you must call another witch, no lower than the third level, to a duel.
  4. The fourth level gives the spell "Zhabotification" and a love spell. Frog makes the character into a toad and leaves him in this state until the witch decides to bring him back to his former appearance or until the beauty's kiss.
  5. At the fifth level, a witch can impose a spiritualistic spell on another character. The spell lasts two days of play and is that the character on whom it is cast sees ghosts.
  6. The sixth level allows you to use a spell that gives satiety, purity, as well as a spell that makes the bladder "steel".
  7. The spell of the seventh level imposes the opposite effects of the spell of the sixth level.
  8. At the eighth level, the witch can heal from the toil, zombinization, and plague.
  9. At the ninth level, with a spell, a witch can clean up the house, repair various objects, etc.
  10. The tenth level bestows the ability to resurrect dead characters and take them into the family. If the ritual is unsuccessful, the resurrected character turns into a zombie.


Depending on which spell was cast on the character, his attitude towards the witch is either improving or deteriorating.

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