How to become similar to the model Elena Sheidlinu

Embody what is inside you.Elena is not afraid to show her inner dreams and desires in real life. She personifies her spiritual world. Therefore, do not be afraid to liberate yourself, to be yourself. After all, this is where your uniqueness lies. You need to learn to be aware of yourself, all your positive and negative sides, and later start working with this set of personal characteristics. Only this can be a start for new discoveries, acquaintances, creative ideas and reincarnations.

Pay attention to details.The model is not afraid to put on bulky accessories, shoes on a transparent sole, to dye hair in unusual colors. All this helps Elena become recognizable in society. And it was the details that helped her open up, show herself to the world. Therefore, you should not concentrate only on a specific image, do not be afraid to dilute it with various decorations and decorative elements.

Avoid monotony.The word "monotony" does not characterize Sheidlin. This is most likely an antonym in the aspect of her image. In any case, monotony will not allow you to become an interesting person and attract massive attention. After all, a creative person always strives for development in his external and internal content; therefore, he is often transformed, looking for new ways of expressing himself.

Think creatively.In each person there is a creative component, it is important only to be able to open it correctly. Many for personal reasons are afraid to be a creative person, while maintaining a pragmatic approach to many things. But, as you know, creative thinking not only allows you to unleash your full potential, it also becomes an impetus for external changes, allows you to create an individual image.

Do not concentrate on brands.For Elena Sheidlin, the brand means practically nothing, the girl with pleasure buys clothes in little-known stores and even in second hand. The main thing is to learn how to combine things, create beauty from various elements, complementing them with accessories. Therefore, if you want to look unusual and fashionable, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on expensive clothes.

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