How to behave with the child in the store

First you need to understand why the child behaves this way. The reasons may be mass.
For example, parents often choose a particular product for a very long time, but at this time their child is standing at the shop window with so much of what they want, naturally, he will not begin to ask for something.
Long conversations of parents in a store with an acquaintance met by chance also free up a lot of time for the child, during which he stares at the beautiful shop-windows.
If a baby sees an interesting product in the hands of any child, he immediately wants the same product for himself and begins to demand it.
If you need to buy a gift for a friend for a holiday, then the child feels like getting something, too.
Naturally, this is by no means all situations in which a child may get hysterical, since he will begin to actively demand a particular product from his parents, but the data are considered to be the most common.
Many mothers and fathers in such periods are trying to negotiate with the child so that everything goes peacefully. They promise the baby that they will definitely buy him a toy, but only later, when he, for example, will behave well at a party, kindergarten, etc. Naturally, the child immediately begins to obey, because he was promised a good prize for his obedience, but that's just the parents about the promised very quickly forgotten. The child begins to get used to the fact that mom and dad do not fulfill their promises and will never believe that they can give something for good behavior, and therefore will behave as he pleases. Therefore, you need to learn to either promise nothing at all, or to fulfill what was said.
You also can not call a child in a quarrel selfish, capricious, compared with someone, etc. This is very offensive to the baby, and such an insult can take a long time in the heart.
Children are good manipulators. Tears and tantrums are just an excuse to achieve the desired, and if once he succeeded, he will use this method again and again. Therefore, it is so important for parents to be able to stand on their own.
Before going to the store, you should conduct a serious conversation with your child, tell you how to behave correctly, why you should not mess around, etc.If suddenly the child begins to demand something in the store again, then you just need to take him out of this store and head home without further ado. It makes no sense for the child in a hysterical state to try to explain something, he still will not take the words as it should.
When the child realizes that as soon as he starts to behave badly, the visit to the store ends, he will begin to restrain himself, and the tantrums will disappear.

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