How to build a tree house

A house on a tree

Stage 1: Installing Beams

The tree house is a great place to play your child, he will be just happy if it is a surprise or he himself will take part in his construction. This will be the envy of all his friends.

Installing beams 1

Installing beams 2

Installing beams 3

Using plumbing bolts 10x160 DIN 571 and the corresponding washers, we fix two lags (boards of 20 mm) parallel to each other. Try to drill the screw holes, as precisely as possible. The upper end of the lag will serve as a support for the next two lags, directed perpendicular to the previous one. Then around the perimeter we fix the boards, which form a frame for the floor in your house on the tree.

Step 2: Align the platform

Frame on the tree 1

Frame on tree 2

Moving from one corner to another, we fix a temporary support at each corner of the platform. Then, using the level and pads under the supports, we make the platform leveling. The longer your level, the better.

Stage 3: Installation of inclined supports

Inclined support


Beam support

Beam support 2

Beams secured

After we have leveled the platform, you can begin to install inclined supports. Who will support the house on the tree.For this, supports for beams were used as in the photo. For this, we had to cut the beams at an angle of 45 degrees. If you do not find such brackets, then such

Support for timber

Note that the beam consists of two twisted boards.

Stage 4: Lay the floor

We lay the floor

Lay the floor 2


Laying floor 3
We fasten boards

We cut the boards

Perhaps this is the best part of the project, because in the final you will have the opportunity to stand on the platform. Flooring can start from one side. Boards do not necessarily cut the desired length immediately, let their ends stick out, they can be cut after. You need a jigsaw to make a place for a cut for the tree. It is necessary to leave a sufficient gap for the growth of the tree, and for swaying it in the wind. Also at this stage, cut an opening for the future entrance to the house on the tree.

Stage 5: Frames and Wall Installation


Wall 1

Wall 2

Wall installation 1

Wall installation 2

On the ground we collect frames for the walls. We use measurements that need to be carried out after assembling the platform and flooring. When the frames are assembled and while they are on the ground, you need to put them to each other and make sure that they fit well with each other and match the measurements of the platform. After that, you can start sewing walls.
Raise the walls better with a rope and a block fixed above on the tree. The walls will be pretty heavy. You will have to find an assistant to tie or hold them after you lift the walls to the top.

Stage 6: Roof frame

Rack Installation

Roof frame 1

Roof frame 2

Roof frame 3

Sew the roof


Before you start making the roof, you need to decide on the slope of its slopes. I used the 1: 3 ratio for the ramp and it was a good choice, because Such a slope allowed to stand on the roof without risk of falling off it. Once you have decided on the height of the central posts, you can install them and attach the horse. Once the frame is assembled, you can proceed to the paneling with its plywood. Remember to leave space around the tree, as we left for the floor. I had to cut a sheet of plywood to fix it in the place where the tree grows. Next, we cover the roof with an awning.

Stage 7: Login




I made the door like a saloon in the wild west. The ladder was carefully treated with antiseptic, because it is in contact with the soil. I made the steps more often so that the stairs would be more convenient for small legs.

Stage 8: Finishing


The tree house is finished

We mark and make the railing so that you can safely go to the balcony.

Everything is not too detailedbecause in every situation and with a different budget, everything can be quite different, and if you tell in more detail, it turns out to be a very large article. I hope it is shown quite clearly how to build a house on a tree with your own hands.

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