How to buy an apartment with the help of maternity capital

To buy an apartment with the help of maternity capital, after giving birth, contact the State Pension Fund at the place of residence for a certificate. Bring the following documents:
- State application for a certificate. It can be filled in the Pension Fund or printed from the official site.;
- Applicant’s civil passport;
- certificate of compulsory pension insurance;
- an insert on citizenship of the Russian Federation;
- a court decision on the adoption of a child or a birth certificate with a seal of citizenship;
Within a month, government officials check securities. After that, the place of registration will be sent a notice of receipt of a certificate for maternity capital.
If you are planning to buy an apartment in a new building, find a developer company that can set off maternal capital as a partial payment.This must necessarily be spelled out in their constituent documents and the contract for the purchase of housing. There are two limitations. The first - square meters must be located on the territory of the Russian Federation. The second is that the child after whose birth a certificate was issued must reach the age of three years.
Do not wait until the third birthday of the baby and use the parent capital previously can be in the event that the apartment is bought on a mortgage or on credit. Then the money goes to pay off the interest and the principal amount of the payment, regardless of the date of birth of the second and subsequent children. However, in the documents of the organization that issued the loan for the purchase of housing, it must be stated that it has the right and credits the parent capital as debt repayment. Otherwise, you may be denied legally.
When concluding a contract for the purchase of an apartment, house or loan, provide, in addition to the certificate for maternity capital, the following documents:
- copies of documents of the person who received the certificate, or his spouse (s), confirming the ownership of the land in the event that the purchase or reconstruction of a private house is planned;
- civil passport of the certificate holder and its copy.
Companies, borrowers and sellers of housing can change the list of documents. In each case, specify it in advance by calling the office of the organization and in consultation with the manager.
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The owner of the maternity capital certificate can only use non-cash money. Any attempt to cash it will be recognized as a crime and the relevant authorities will initiate a criminal case on the fact of misuse of public funds.
Helpful advice
You can use both the full amount of the parent capital, and its part. Indicate this in a loan application or apartment purchase.

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