How to call to Crimea

As the Republic of Crimea became part of Russia, the inhabitants of the peninsula had some difficulties with calls from other states. Now the process of re-registration of numbers is underway, and cellular operators are just beginning to appear on the peninsula. In this article, we'll figure out how to call the Crimea and what kind of code it now has.

How to call to the Crimea from a mobile

In connection with the actual change of state jurisdiction, the telephone code of the Crimea also changed. Previously, in order to call from a mobile or landline phone you needed to dial the code of Ukraine +380 or just the code of the mobile operator. Now, the Crimea code looks like this - +7365, where +7 is the international code of Russia, and 365 is already Republic.

How to call to Crimea

Previously, when making calls, it was possible to completely manage by simply dialing the number with the mobile network code. For example, for calls to MTS Ukraine subscribers it was enough to dial 0501234567. After the change of jurisdiction, this option is no longer suitable and the number must be entered in its entirety. In addition, the majority of Ukrainian operators no longer provide services on the peninsula.

Important: Old numbers of Crimean operators may not be available.Before calling, make sure that the number is still relevant.

Mobile operators such as Kyivstar and Life ceased their operations on the peninsula in August and November 2014, respectively. At the moment, only MTS Ukraine partially works here in the format of technical roaming. However, a quality signal can be caught only in large cities. You can still call MTS Ukraine subscribers by dialing +380507654321. If you are dialing from a landline phone, it will look like this - 8 (1038) 050 7654321.
Also now on the peninsula operates the Russian operator MTS. However, it functions under the cover of K-Telecom, in order not to fall under sanctions. It provides the standard package of MTS-Super Crimea and Krasnodar services. At the end of 2014, Beeline announced that he did not plan to work in this territory, after which the government of the republic announced plans to launch a local cellular network.

How to call to Crimea

How to call to Crimea from Russia

There are three options for how to call to Crimea from Russia. We have already spoken about the first of them - calls to MTS Ukraine numbers above. Recently, this option is less and less popular, because if you call to the Crimea from Moscow, then the bill for the conversation can be quite impressive. The second option is a call to K-Telecom’s mobile numbers, which is 978 in Crimea.That is, you will need to dial +7 978 and further the subscriber number.
The third option - calls to landline numbers in the Crimea. There are some peculiarities here. If you want to call across the Crimea, the code will look like +7 365, and then the number. However, in Sevastopol, despite the fact that it is also located on the peninsula, the city code is different. This is due to the special status of the city. To call the city numbers of Sevastopol, dial the following sequence: +7 869 2 and then the number.

How to call to Crimea

Note also that the number of numbers in city telephones has changed. If before they were five and six-digit, now they became seven-digit. In addition, the codes of cities in the Crimea have changed, but only slightly. If before the city number, for example, Yalta looked like +38065 4xxxxxxx, now instead of “0” the number “3” is put and in the international format looks like this - +7365 4xxxxxxx. Similarly changed the numbers in other cities.

How to call to Crimea from Ukraine

But with this issue there can be serious problems. As mentioned above, the majority of Ukrainian mobile operators no longer provide their services in the Crimea, even when roaming.In addition, starting from November 16, 2014, the users of the Ukrainian cellular networks, as well as the customers of Ukrtelecom, have been blocked from the ability to call landlines, as well as numbers of operators in the Crimea. That is, being in Ukraine, you will not be able to call any number starting with the codes: +7365, +7869, and so on.
In fact, now there are only two options for how to call to the Crimea from Ukraine and both of them directly depend on the subscriber’s availability of a SIM card with the required number. In particular, the connection with MTS Ukraine subscribers is still working. In addition, you can get a card from MTS Krasnodar region. At the initial stage, they were sold in the Crimea, but now it can only be purchased in the neighboring region.

How to call from Crimea to Russia

If you or your relatives are planning to make calls from the Crimea to Russia, then there should be no problems. It is enough to dial the international code "+7" when calling from a mobile or "8" when dialing a number from a landline phone, and then the code of the city and the subscriber.

How to call to Crimea

Alternative ways to call to Crimea in 2015

As you can see, communication with the peninsula by conventional means can be quite difficult. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to modern methods of communication. For example, on the program Skype and Viber.Their main advantage lies in the fact that you do not need to know the area code to bypass all the difficulties with international communication and so on. All that is required for a call from Russia or Ukraine to the Crimea is that both subscribers have access to the Internet and an installed program.
At the same time, such calls will cost you much cheaper than regular mobile communication and there will be no need to worry about the fact that tomorrow everything will change and introduce new restrictions on calls. Yes, and the quality of communication can be much better, if you have a stable connection to the Internet.
According to the official statement of the authorities of the peninsula, they are actively working to attract new companies to the Crimea. However, since the majority of Russian mobile operators operate in the international market, they fear sanctions. In this regard, in the near future it is worth counting only on the potential appearance of a local operator or alternative means of communication.

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