How to cancel ticket booking

How to cancel a ticket reservation

Useful tips for tourists.Cancel ticket booking

With the development of Internet technologies, it became possible to book air and railway tickets on the websites of carrier companies or those companies that specialize in booking such tickets. Naturally, as with the sale of regular tickets, there may be situations when booked tickets must be canceled.


To cancel reservation



Before ordering a ticket, carefully read the terms and conditions of application of the fare you are purchasing. In the event that you plan to purchase it at a flexible rate, you will be able to cancel the reservation of the ticket already paid, if the terms of the tariff state that it is not refundable after payment, then you cannot receive money for it.


When ordering a ticket, you are asked to specify a payment method. If you have not made an instant money transfer from a bank card, then in order to pay it, you are given a certain period. This is usually a day.After this time, if you have not paid for your reservation, it will be canceled automatically, and no additional actions should be taken.


In case of cancellation of the already paid reservation, in case the tariff provides for this, the amount paid for the ticket will be refunded to the same card with which it was charged. If the cancellation of the reservation is due to the fault of the carrier (postponement of the time and date of the flight), no deductions will be made. Some carriers offer, in case of refusal of already paid reservation, to provide the passenger with a loan in the amount of the cost of the ticket minus a small penalty for refusing to travel. Refund terms are listed on the site.


If your route is a transit route and you cannot complete at least one of the intermediate trips, your entire reservation may be canceled. In advance, contact the reservation department of the company whose transport services you decide to use, if possible, your ticket may be saved subject to a surcharge or an additional fee for exchanging the ticket.


If you need to exchange the booked tickets, then you can do it also on the website where you made the reservation.If you are traveling in the same way as the transport of partner companies of the main carrier, then you need to make an exchange by contacting the booking service on the website or by phone. They will help you find a convenient transit route. In any case, the ticket exchange fee will be deducted from you.


With railway tickets purchased for a trip through the territory of our country is simpler, all transportation is carried out by a monopolist - JSC Russian Railways. You can refuse the paid e-ticket on the company's website and after a while the amount paid for the ticket minus the penalties provided for refusing the trip will be transferred to your card or e-wallet.

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