How to take care of a dog Akita inu?

What do you associate with Japan? With sakura and samurai? And, maybe, with colorful inhabitants and mysterious culture? So, Akita-inu dogs are one of the most beloved and oldest symbols of this ancient, wise and very mysterious country.

Remember the famous movie about a dog named Hachiko, who could not believe in the death of her master and every day for 10 years did not come to the railway platform to meet him, as it was before?

So this touching story is about the Akita Inu dog, kind, loving and incredibly loyal to its owner. Today, this dog has a monument, and the Akitu Inu itself has become a real symbol of all the most valuable and significant qualities in the life of every person.


What is surprising, it is not just a coincidence, dogs of this breed are really unique animals, about which books and songs are written in the Land of the Rising Sun, they are real favorites of their people and have long acquired the status of the national treasure of Japan.

Today, this dog is a very popular breed far beyond the borders of its homeland, and this is due not only to its original appearance, but also to the unique character that distinguishes these four-legged pets from the rest.

Akita Inu dogs are very special animals, they are distinguished by a wise, persistent and kind disposition, courageous and quick-witted, they are always ready to rush into battle in order to protect their master or family from the offender.

But, on an equal basis with this, they always remain disciplined, patient and balanced, able to make an informed and justified decision in a difficult situation.

History of origin

It is not difficult to guess that animals with such truly cosmic qualities have a rich and unusual history of origin. Akita inu are direct descendants of the ancient Matagi Inu, a brave and dedicated hunter dog, who helped primitive people hunt large animals.

Smart looking eyes

The beginning of the 18th century, when these animals received a new special status at the court of the Japanese emperor, became the immediate period of development of the Akitu-Inu breed.

Only high-ranking court families could afford such a pet, the contents of Akita Inu were actually equal to the process of worshiping the gods: they had to have their own personal servant who not only cared for her, but also rendered every possible honors.

A person who tried to offend or, even worse, kill Akita-Inu, would be punished in a terrible way, most likely, he would face the death penalty. In rich families, such dogs were treated with great reverence and awe, and even talking to Akita-inu needed a calm and gentle tone, not allowing themselves any expletives or heightened intonations.


Over time, these dogs became more accessible, during the Second World War, they were heavily exterminated and began to knit with German shepherds to enhance their fighting qualities, as a result, several more varieties of this breed appeared.

True, the Japanese are skeptical of such "half-bloods", with great difficulty and the work of a huge number of specialists, the population of purebred Akita Inu was restored, if you compare the images of a century ago and modern photos, you will find almost no differences.

Character traits and intelligence

As we have said, these animals have a very independent, proud, but at the same time, gentle and good character, which was formed in these animals for many years. They cannot be called typical: these four-legged pets are very playful in childhood, but with age they acquire an incredibly deep store of wisdom, which allows them to turn into patient, intelligent and highly developed animals.

Likes to walk

Due to their independence, Akita Inu are very fond of walking without a leash, strong and developed dogs always require space to release excess energy. The Japanese boldly trust these pets of their own children, because they are capable of becoming wonderful nannies who will look after them, and certainly will not be offended.

Despite all their independence and pride, they are strongly attached to their home and family, they will always return to their own door. They are able to enter the necessary battle, but at the same time - they are lovely, kind and affectionate companions, with whom it is never boring.

Remember that the relationship with the Japanese dog is built on the principle of equality: it does not need excessive tenderness, but it appreciates your sincerity, kindness and care.In her understanding, it’s not you walking the Akita, but you are walking together like “good friends,” for all your care she gives all her devotion and protection that her best friend, that is, her master, can provide.

How to choose a puppy?

If you want to acquire a thoroughbred pedigree Akita, then you should not buy it at the local flea market, it is best to contact a specialized nursery where you can submit documents with its origin and complete pedigree.

Little hah

You should not miss the largest puppy of the entire litter, its size is in no way connected with its future development. The best option is a puppy from a small litter, in which all brothers and sisters are approximately the same size.

Be sure to pay attention to his behavior: the kid should be inquisitive and mobile, firmly stand on the legs and have a good shiny coat.

If you buy a pet purely for homely joys, then this will be enough for you, but if you plan to participate and win in various exhibitions, then it is better to attract a dog specialist who will help you make the right choice.Prices for handsome men can vary greatly, however, one thing is for sure: you cannot name a cheap dog like this.

Features care and maintenance

Akita-inu are quite easy-to-care pets, they are perfectly adapted both for living in their home and for living in an apartment. The main rule that must be observed on a mandatory basis: provide your pet with a separate place of its own, moderately hard and cozy, where it can take a break from all members of the household and be alone with itself.

Pretty boy

It is necessary to walk with an Akita at least twice a day, so that the animal behaves in a balanced and restrained way at home, on the street, it is desirable to make it move: run perfectly together or play wand. Despite the fact that the Akita are rather calm and balanced dogs, who will calmly walk along with you on a leash, they can wake themselves with their relatives, getting involved in a fight.

Handsome man

So that this happens extremely rarely, the puppy must be taught from childhood to communicate with other animals, so to speak, “into the light.” With regard to nutrition, then, like real children of their homeland, Akita Inu love seafood, vegetables and rice, they may be allergic to chicken, pork and fatty dairy products.

You can pick up dry food, but remember that the food of such a dog should be as balanced and rich in vitamins.

Love these cute dogs and they will answer you the same.

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