How to care for mature skin

Before applying these or other procedures, you must determine the type of your skin: dry, oily, combination or normal, after which you will be able to use the appropriate means to restore it. For dry skin suitable cream and cleansing oil or milk, other types - facial cleansers, cleansing lotions. Pay attention to the alcohol content in these products was in the minimum percentage.
The main reason for skin wilting is a lack of moisture, so it’s worth starting with solving this problem. When buying a moisturizer, pay attention to its composition, where the components that contribute to the saturation of the skin with water should be indicated: retinol, healuronic acid. Since these creams are usually used in the morning or at night, during the day you can refresh your face with thermal water, which will also nourish the skin.
Today, more and more often resort to a more serious cleansing of the skin - peeling.If you carry out this procedure in the salon, the beautician himself will select the necessary tool, the safest and most effective for your skin. At home, however, scrubs are often used, but it is worthwhile to connect a specialist to their choice in order not to harm the skin. And he and the other method is not recommended more than twice a week. Scrubs help remove dead skin cells and dirt from the skin, which is considered a deep cleansing. The skin after this procedure is clearly transformed and is ready for power.
Do a massage. The procedure can be combined with morning or evening cream application. Gently massage the skin with your fingers from the center to the periphery.
Take advantage of folk remedies. For example, you can transform the face, shoulders, and décolleté area by wiping problem areas with a piece of ice containing cucumber or sauerkraut juice. The cost of such “instant” methods is minimal, and the effect is amazing. The skin is tightened, it becomes more elastic and fresh.
The main thing - an integrated approach and system. Full sleep, healthy eating, absence of bad habits and a stable psychological state affect the skin not less than the most effective cream, so watch your health and do not be lazy,so that skin care becomes not only useful, but also a pleasant ritual.

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