How to care for shoes?

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Footwear reports a lot about its owner! Moreover, it is not its appearance that is essential, but purity, grooming and accuracy. If you know the main secrets and rules of care for leather, suede and nubuck shoes, it will serve you for a long time, while its appearance will be on top! But how to wash, clean, dry and store shoes?

How to wash shoes?

Sneakers, ballet flats and other cloth shoes can be washed in a regular typewriter. However, you should know the basic methods and secrets of such washing shoes, so that as a result it does not spoil it at all!

How to take care of shoes?

First you need to get the insoles and laces with shoes. This will significantly reduce the drying time. In addition, such parts of the shoe are best cleaned and washed separately for greater effect. Be sure to wash your shoelaces for shoe care. At the same time you can use a toothbrush, which gently get to clean even the most polluted dream. Some of the shoelaces are so dirty that they completely lost their beautiful and neat appearance. In this case, you are advised to purchase new ones.

Before using the laces, they should be thoroughly dried. Otherwise, all the dust and dirt immediately settle on them!

After cleaning the laces proceed to the insoles. They should be washed with hands together with detergent. Pay attention to the material from which they are made, otherwise you completely damage the insoles. Use either a brush or a cleaning rag, apply detergent and flavoring. If the area near the toes or heels is particularly dirty, use bleaching agents.

If the insoles for shoes have an unpleasant smell, then they should be soaked in a solution of vinegar. To do this, dilute the vinegar with water in a ratio of 2: 1. After soaking in this solution, you should rinse your shoes in water with essential oil: tea tree or in fir oil.

Before washing shoes in the machine, be sure to clean the dirt with a brush in the soles. With the help of a toothpick, try to clean shoes even in hard-to-reach places. Now she is ready for washing in a typewriter. However, you should put it in a special bag or a regular pillowcase. In order not to damage the machine, place the shoes in a pillowcase between the two towels, preventing constant blows to the drum.

Before washing shoes in a typewriter, read the instructions and what is written on the label or label.

If you are afraid of washing shoes in a typewriter, then carry out the cleaning process manually. To do this, soak separately shoes, insoles and laces in soapy water. With expensive shoes should be treated very carefully, so it is better to dry clean when heavily soiled.

How to clean shoes or shoes?

Do you like when shoes shine like new? Then you should definitely learn the basic rules of its cleaning. There are several effective methods, the choice depends on the quality of shoes and your personal preferences.

How to take care of shoes?


An important role in polishing shoes play materials and tools that you intend to use. For this you will need:

  • Shoe polish of a suitable shade and color.
  • Soft suede fabric.
  • Horsehair brush.

These are the main tools that you will need to rub the shoe to shine. Be sure to prepare a place where you will clean your shoes so that the cream or wax does not stain the walls, floor or furniture. Cover the surface with old and unnecessary newspapers. During cleaning, always remove shoelaces and insoles from your shoes so as not to stain them with cream or wax.

If you want to make shoes resistant to moisture, then you will need wax.And to make the skin soft, apply the cream.

Shoe polishing is carried out only after you have cleaned it of dirt. Remember that any dust that remains on the shoes during the polishing process will cause scratches. After cleaning the shoes from dirt, leave the shoes for a while until completely dry. The next stage is the application of cream on the shoes. Do this in circular motions so that the cream soaks the skin well. Remember that the heel and sock require more care, as they are erased faster.

To apply the cream even on hard-to-reach places, use cotton swabs for such purposes. Drying one layer of cream for 15 minutes, so go to the next stage after the specified time.

How to take care of shoes?

After the cream dries, use a horsehair brush to clean the excess layer. When rubbing the lower layer of the cream will even better saturate the surface, and the extra layer can be easily cleaned. Do not forget that different brushes are required for different shades of cream.

The final stage is polishing the shoe with a cloth. To do this, you will need an old T-shirt or other soft stuff. With energetic movements, pick up shoes from side to side.As a result, your shoes shine better than when you buy.

Water shine

The initial stages with this option are the same polishing. You should thoroughly wash your shoes, dry them and x, and then apply shoe polish. Make sure that they do not have any dust or dirt, otherwise it will lead to scratches on the shoes. After 15 minutes, after complete drying of the cream proceed to the next stage.

In this variant of polishing is used water or medical alcohol. Wrap the rag around your hand, and then soak it in water. Then, with active movements, you should rub the cream until shine appears. Start from toe to heel.

The essence of this method is that the cream does not stick to a wet rag. At the same time, not speed is important, but thoroughness and accuracy.

When the cream is dry, you should repeat its application and polishing. Again, it is worth soaking the rag in water, and then gradually rub the cream on the shoes. A wet rag is applied layer by layer of cream until the desired effect is achieved. The final stage is rubbing the skin with a dry suede cloth.

Fire shine

This method is quite unusual, and it is not so often used.However, it allows you to achieve a great effect. At the same time, your main task is to strictly follow the instructions in order not to spoil leather shoes.

The first stage is the complete cleaning of shoes from dust, dirt from the old layer of cream. To do this, you will need a cotton sponge soaked in medical alcohol. Toothpick or cotton swab to clean even inaccessible places. The essence of this method is not to ignite the shoe, but to melt the cream. To do this, boldly turn the jar of cream over the lighter, and while the fire continues to burn, cover it with a lid. Smear each shoe with hot cream. Be careful and wear gloves so as not to burn your hands. If the shoes are heavily worn, then you need to apply several layers of cream until it glitters. Each of the layers should be thin.

How to take care of shoes?

Then with a cigarette lighter or hair dryer, start to warm up the skin of the shoe. Try first on those areas that are not very noticeable. The fire while not dolena touch the skin, it is important that it is simply warmed up and not burnt. Do not hold the flame over one area of ​​skin, constantly move the lighter. As a result, the surface of the shoes should be a little wet.This will indicate that the cream has melted. Then put cream on the shoes again and rub the shoes with a soft cloth with active movements.

Each of the methods has its advantages and disadvantages. You choose the option that you especially like. In any case, the result will even exceed your expectations!

How to dry shoes?

The appearance of your shoes depends on proper drying. Just one wrong move or decision can lead to deformation of the sole or change in appearance. To avoid permanent damage, you should take the drying process seriously.

Drying shoes in the dryer is not recommended, as this may damage sneakers or shoes.

Be sure to before washing and drying shoes pay attention to the instructions! The label must indicate what can be done in the process of caring for shoes or sneakers, and what is prohibited. The quality of tailoring, stitching or the shape of the shoes are essential!

If even after washing there is dirt on the shoes, then it must be removed to avoid the appearance of stains. If you decide to dry your shoes without using a special machine, then you will need a fan.

Insoles and laces are recommended to be dried separately from a jersey or shoes. It is advisable to use a fan so that you can hang shoes on it. Make hooks and fasten shoes to the fan.

How to take care of shoes?

One of the most common ways of drying shoes when they get wet in the rain is newspapers. They absorb the moisture well, so you can pick up newspapers from soft paper, carefully crush them into comfortable balls and shove them completely into the shoes. For suede shoes such a drying option is optimal!

The best to use are those newspapers where there is less ink, because they can be transferred to the shoes themselves. Constantly change newspapers, as they get wet and do not have proper action. If necessary, you can also wrap the top of your shoe in the newspaper!

Shoe Drying Tips:

  • Carry out the drying process away from heating devices to avoid deformation.
  • Do not use hot air blow dryer.
  • Separately dry insoles, laces and shoes.
  • Pay attention to labels and labels.
  • For suede shoes suitable only newspaper version of the drying.
  • Dry in cool and ventilated rooms.

Use all the tips and be sure to follow the instructions in the process of drying shoes! This will allow you to wear shoes or sneakers for a long time without changes in their appearance!

How to store shoes?

How to take care of shoes?

Did you know that correct storage times the shelf life of shoes? Very often a woman removes seasonal footwear for summer or winter without proper preparation. As a result of improper storage, the shoe is deformed, cracks appear on it, and it no longer has a beautiful appearance. What to do in this case? Follow the main rules for the care and storage of shoes:

  • Prepare and clean your shoes. Before you send shoes for storage in a box, it should be thoroughly cleaned. Dust and dirt can have a negative effect on the material, so be sure to remove them from the surface of the shoes with a damp cloth or brush.
  • Do not store shoes for different seasons in one box. It is important to sort shoes and shoes so that they are kept in the best possible way!
  • Avoid getting sunlight on your shoes. Zamsh, leather and nubuck deteriorate with constant fluctuations in temperature, so keep them in places where there is no direct sunlight.
  • Select a separate space in the shoe storage box.
  • Be sure to dry your shoes before storing them. If you put wet shoes or shoes in a storage box, the result will be mold.
  • Do not use cellophane or polyethylene for storage. It is important that during storage the shoes are ventilated, which means the best option is the box in which you purchased the shoes.
  • Keep your shoes separate from each other to avoid deformation.

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