How to care for the skin?

Skin care on the eve of winter

It is inexorably, too fast, summer ends. Even autumn days do not indulge in pleasant warmth and sunshine. Winter is on the threshold - a time when our body as a whole - and the skin in particular - needs special care. The constant contrast between the comfortable temperature in the room and the cold air outside becomes a big load for your skin. What is to be remembered that cold, wind and frost do not make it coarse and reddened, tired and lethargic?How to care for your skinat this particular time of year? We hope that you will find some useful tips that will help avoid the adverse effects of winter weather on our skin.

Change the approach to cleaning

In winter, facial skin requires softer cleansers than during the warm season. Alcohol-based lotions and soaps should be completely excluded from use. For deep cleaning of the skin is well suited light tools with a high content of ceramides.In the cold season it is also not worth using aggressive scrubs, because they can damage the skin, which is highly undesirable.

Limit hydration

In the cold season, moisturizers should be used very carefully, because the frosty air can turn the moisture in them into icy dust that can injure the epidermis.How to care for your skin,if moisturizing is still necessary for your skin type? Experts advise to apply the appropriate cream on the face no later than 30-40 minutes before going out, so that it is completely absorbed, and the residues must be soaked with a napkin.

Power up

With the onset of winter, any skin needs a strong diet. Therefore, in the fall cosmetologists advise to buy dense and fat night creams. During sleep, all nutrients well penetrate the skin, ensuring its restoration and natural protection. The composition of night-time nourishing creams must include antioxidants, natural minerals, phytohormones (for aging skin). Cosmetics based on green tea have a good nourishing effect.

How to care for your skinin winter, suggest olive oil.It is an ideal cosmetic product containing many very beneficial substances, including beauty vitamins E and F, as well as fatty acids, which actively help our skin in the fight against premature fading and the threat of wrinkles. Olive oil is the main component for a gentle, but effective peeling with bran, lotion with lemon juice, refreshing mask of white clay.

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