How to change a rotten log

You will need
  • - drill;
  • - jack;
  • - tape measure;
  • - a hammer;
  • - hacksaw.
Begin to do the work by inspecting the outside of the log. To remove it, use a drill with drills suitable for cutting. Run the first cut near the end of the log below. So you can separate the end part.
Make a second cut - it must be performed on the inner wall of the groove at the extreme beam. To remove the first cut part, you first need to ensure that the empty space would be filled. In other words, it is necessary to fix the position of other logs so that they remain the same as they were before they removed the damaged log. In this case, the jack is considered the most convenient option. With it, lift the log, which is located above, a centimeter and a half - the jack will hold it securely until a replacement is made. The resulting backlash allows you to safely pull out a part of the log, and then replace it with another product that in shape and size fully corresponds to the seized piece.
Do not forget to sample the groove in the new wooden element, calculating their depth - it must be in full compliance with the overlying log. Bring the piece prepared for replacement in full compliance with what it was before - this will allow it to get into place more tightly.
Preparing an element for replacement, lay the roofing material along the entire length of the base in the place where there was a rotting log. Treat the construction with antiseptic inside and out. To avoid drafts, caulk using a tow or seal all slots and joints with polypropylene. Combine the blocks - for this, take a long board section of 50x100 mm, nail two such outside, and three - from the subfloor. Perform additional processing of boards using a protective composition to prevent damage to the material. The replacement structure as a result of such manipulations is a bit “fattened”.

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