How to cheat in stores at discounts?

Cheating in stores, why and how shops steal

Cheating in stores, why and how shops steal

In order to increase sales, any outlet or object holds various promotions with discounts on goods. Tempting advertising can convince the consumer that the product is given almost for nothing, but, in fact, bright advertising hides a deception. Of course, not all advertising is aimed at misleading the consumer, but there are plenty of deceptive methods in the trade sphere without it.


Discounts in stores and their impact on customers



Naturally, no landlord will work without profit, because you need to pay employees something from something, pay rent and taxes. And, of course, many go for all sorts of tricks to attract as many buyers as possible. Here are some typical tricks that sellers use: 1. The sign of "discount" does not at all mean that it is. The price, as a rule, remains the same and the seller hopes for an inattentive buyer who will not notice the deception. 2The price tag changes, in which there is a double price, i.е. higher crossed out price and the so-called new (real) price. And so it turns out that the thing has become cheaper. 3. Most often, discounts are announced at the end of the season, and few people think that at the beginning of the season a transcendental price is just put on a thing, which becomes real at the end of seasonal sales and discounts. This is due to the increased demand for certain types of goods, i.e. the urgency of the purchase, for example a boot, is higher in November, and not in March, although it is in March that the same boots will cost 3-4 times less.


Stock announcement



The word “action” sounds very attractive in many supermarkets and people willingly disassemble an action product without even thinking that this is how a damaged, low-quality product or just a defective lot is sold. And often there are only a few days left until the end of the sale of the food group of the product and you need to have time to realize it in order not to incur huge losses. In any case, the promotion is a lifeline only for the seller, not for the buyer.

Among other things, the easiest way to get rid of expired goods is to change the label with a shelf life.Quite simply and quickly interrupted the date of manufacture and the deadline for the sale of goods, and sometimes even a new label is pasted over the old one. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully examine the shelf life of the purchased goods. With large crowds of people and queues, as well as a large volume of purchases, buyers rarely pay attention to the final amount, which the cashier calls. And only at home you can see that the amount on the check was a little less than the amount called by the cashier, and if you do not take a check, you will not notice anything at all. And for the whole day the cashier’s revenue can reach a pretty decent amount. Very often in large supermarkets use a double price trick. This is when the price on the price tag is alone on the shelf next to the product, but at the checkout, for some reason, another price is breaking through and the cashier, with an innocent look, reports that the price tag has not yet been replaced. But in fact this is not a problem for the store and the buyer, so you can make a purchase at the price indicated on the price tag and even the law on consumer rights will be on the buyer's side. Another point, when the buyer needs to be more attentive to price tags, is when the price is slightly reduced for one species from a certain commodity group.For example, all rolls with different fillings have the same price, and only on the product with one specific filling there is a devaluation. Most often it is on that look that a large colorful price tag is written, and the rest of the products with a higher price have a small inconspicuous price tag somewhere on the side. As a rule, the buyer does not delve into such subtleties of the price and only at the box office notices an increase in price compared to the price tag on the counter. But this, as they say, inattention of the buyer. When buying large volumes and different goods, it is very difficult to correctly calculate the final amount of the purchase. But most of the cashiers of supermarkets are doing well in this, for example, punching one unit of goods more than necessary. Of course, the buyer often does not notice anything, and at the cashier, such revenue per day can be his official daily earnings.


Overdue goods - it can still be used in stores!



An ordinary buyer rarely thinks about where do expired goods, in particular, food. Unfortunately, the truth of life is such that in shops where there is an own cooking, this issue has already been resolved.The whole delay goes there and the missing sausage is successfully cut into different salads or used as a filling for pizza. The spoiled meat goes into the stuffing or is used to make pies and meatballs. Rotten fruit is perfect for filling baking pastries. In short, no one ever throws anything away! This is not economically beneficial to the owner. When you buy everything that is successfully sold by weight, i.e. nuts, candy, biscuits, dried fruit, and already carefully packed in advance for the convenience of the buyer, most often there is a hanging of the buyer. Well, who is running to check the compliance of the weight of the packaged container with nuts? And in vain, because the weight does not usually match the one written on the price tag. And frozen foods in general are the seller's favorite goods, because their real weight is half the amount written, and the rest is water, i.e. ice. Fish fillets, for example, several times soaked in water and frozen. The same can be said about offal. In addition, the quality of frozen food leaves much to be desired, because most often already spoiled food goes into the freeze, and it is simply impossible to identify them far from being the first to freeze.


Of course, one should not look with suspicion on every seller or cashier, among them there are also a lot of good conscientious workers. Just need to be extremely careful even going to the store for shopping.

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