How to check the speed of the network

You will need
  • You will need to use the services of a service that provides an opportunity to find out the speed of the Internet. Currently, the speed can be measured on many sites, but for the first time let's do it with the help of the service "I am on the Internet!".
First of all, check your PC for viruses. It is necessary. Start your antivirus and antispyware, and let the programs work. If programs detect viruses and other malware, remove them from your computer. After that, it makes sense to run the antivirus again, just in case, to make sure that your PC is clean.
Check network activity. This is done like this: with the right mouse button, click on the network connection. In the "Status" window you will see the number of received and sent packets. If this amount is stable, you have nothing to worry about. If you see that the number of packages increases dramatically - this is bad.

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