How to choose a wedding cape?

Wedding is a sacrament requiring a special approach. And it is especially important to choose a suitable bridal outfit, as well as accessories. One of the most important details is the wedding cape. And what can it be?

Why do you need?

A cape is not just an accessory that complements the image (although this function is one of the main ones). In some cases, it is simply necessary. As you know, in the church can not be in too revealing clothes.

And if the bride has a dress with a deep neckline or opening shoulders, then it is the cape that will cover all the exposed parts of the body. In addition, it will protect from the wind in cool weather, if it is made of a rather dense fabric.

How to make a choice?

What should I look for when choosing a wedding cloak? There are some of the most important moments.


Possible styles:

  • Classic Cape. She looks like a cloak and is fixed on the neck of the bride. The length can be practically any: up to the waist, to the buttocks, to the hips or even to the floor.This model looks feminine and gentle, but does not differ in practicality, so it is exclusively a wedding accessory. It will close the shoulders, but will not protect from the wind.
  • A cape with a hood can perform several functions at once: cover the shoulders, cover the head and replace the veil. The hood can be very beautiful, which will make the image even more feminine and gentle. But he must necessarily be free, otherwise the bride risks looking ridiculous and damaging his hair.
  • Cape bolero. She not only closes all the exposed parts of the body, but also favorably emphasizes the elegance of the shoulders and arms, and will also be a wonderful addition to the selected wedding dress. More interesting look fitting models with long sleeves. If the bride has only hands open, then you can buy a bolero without fasteners, opening the chest. And if the decollete area is open, you should stop the choice on the model that closes the chest and fastens with buttons or hooks. Anyway, this accessory will be ideally combined with a dress without a top or with a simple and tight top, as the volume details will stand out and spoil the look.
  • Jacket.It will close everything that cannot be shown to a girl in church, and will emphasize a certain severity of the image (this is very appropriate at the wedding). The jacket is best combined with concise wedding dresses fitted or simple silhouette knee-length or to the floor without unnecessary details and fancy decorations.
  • You can purchase a hood for the wedding. Its upper part will completely close the head and replace the veil, and the lower one will gently fall down on the chest and shoulders and close them.
  • You can choose a shawl, shawl or stole. This accessory looks interesting, but it is not very convenient, as it can fall from the bride’s shoulders at the most inappropriate moment, which will be very inappropriate during such an important sacrament.


Beautiful cape for the wedding can be made from almost any material. To complement the dress and the lace will look delicate. Silk or satin will fall on your shoulders and make them elegant and graceful. Translucent chiffon is a great summer option for a stylish bride. Suit and gorgeous tulle.

The cape does not necessarily have to be simple and strict, the church fully admits and even welcomes beauty, but only not screaming and vulgar.The role of decoration can be played by interesting embroidery, beads or beads, braid and other not very catchy decorative elements.


In the photo catalogs and magazines most often there are classic white capes. And this color is really ideal, as it embodies the purity, innocence and tenderness of the bride. But also the accessory can be beige or dairy. If you want to choose a cape of a different color, be sure to discuss this with the priest, since not all tones are appropriate.

But the church admits lilac, gently blue, gray, peach. In any case, the color should be soft and calm. It is better to refuse dark tones. About the "acid" and bright, too, should be forgotten.

How to sew?

The cape can be made with your own hands. The easiest way is to sew a scarf or tippet. Prepare the fabric, cut out a rectangle of the desired size, process the edges (you can decorate them with braid or lace). For convenience, think of a buckle or string that will hold the accessory on your shoulders.

To make a simple cape with a hood, take a rather large handkerchief or cut out a square piece from the fabric.Put the scarf on your head, mark the line along the neck with a chalk or pencil. Cut out a strip of fabric, sew it to the wrong side of the kerchief along the intended line, fixing around the edges and leaving free space. Thread the braid, which will play the role of strings.

With a cloak, your image will be completed and corresponding to the sacrament.

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