How to choose a quality Christmas tree?

Fuzzy Christmas tree - one of the most important New Year attributes, without which such a holiday is extremely boring, and therefore on the threshold of the Christmas week, almost every family raises the question of acquiring a green beauty.

Artificial Christmas trees have been popular for a long time, because they do not crumble, just like natural Christmas trees do, they are often much more beautiful and attractive than their natural counterparts.

Yes, and making your choice in favor of artificial Christmas trees, you at least save one living tree, and, given that the service life of quality products fluctuates around 10-50 (!) Years, you can calculate how many good things you can do to create.


Naturally, we are now talking about quality artificial trees, and not about cheap Chinese products, which literally flooded our markets and stores. The low price is noticeably reflected in the unprepossessing appearance of such Christmas trees, and an extremely specific smell repels the acquisition of such a "work of art".

But even among the more or less quality products, there are shortcomings and mistakes, so the question immediately arises how to choose a high-quality artificial Christmas tree that will serve you faithfully for many years?

Understand the proposed variety of modern options is not so simple, it is significantly different, as the appearance of Christmas trees, and the price range, of course, do not feel like overpaying, exactly like throwing money away, having bought a low-quality fake.


Naturally, the first thing that should be paid attention is the manufacturer. Of course, the safest and most high-quality products are considered to be Christmas trees from European manufacturers, but they are, so to speak, in European style.

At the same time, high-quality Chinese products certified for sale in Europe and the United States have proven themselves quite well. If you want to buy a really good and safe Christmas tree, then you may like the products from the Dutch manufacturer Triumf.

Like natural

New Year trees of this brand are so famous and recognized all over the world,that manufacturers easily give a ten-year warranty on their products: during this period, Christmas trees do not change their appearance at all, have no smell, do not fall off and perfectly keep their shape.

Another brand with the world name “TruTip” very successfully experiments with the appearance of its products, their artificial forest beauties are often more beautiful and luxuriant than natural spruce trees.

Color and dimensions of an artificial Christmas tree

To make an artificial beauty look as natural as possible, manufacturers use different colors and shades to create it, sometimes sometimes this New Year's creation cannot be distinguished from a real Christmas tree. There are a number of trees that are colorfully fully consistent with natural shades: dark green, light green and the color of brilliant green.

Everyone can choose the one that he most likes. Recently, the demand for pronounced artificial Christmas trees — white, pink, silver, blue, and even with transparent needles — has been increasing.

You can get lost in the store

Such New Year's trees, most often, play a minor role in the festive decoration, they are often used in offices, shopping centers, student dormitories or hotel rooms.

By the way, it is the white needles that are particularly popular, as well as its other variety: Christmas trees with painted white tips that create the effect of a light snowball. Such Christmas trees look as interesting as possible, they are called “snowy” or “frosty” in the professional market.

The color of the trunk does not really matter, so it is most often colored under the main color of the needles, but artificial premium-class fir-trees usually have a brown trunk, so to speak, “under the tree”.

As for the size of the New Year's beauty, Christmas trees with a height of 1.5 m, 1.8 m or 2 m are usually suitable for home needs. The height of 1.8 m is considered to be the most convenient - so the Christmas tree looks impressive and it is comfortable to dress up, you do not have to jump around it with a chair.

Needles are different

In general, artificial Christmas trees start from the smallest (46 cm), which are usually installed on tables or shelves as a secondary decor, to the largest (5.5 m), which, of course, are not intended for home use.

Be sure to pay attention to the stand, they are of two types: plastic and metal.

Naturally, it is better to choose a metal stand,and it's not just about the safety of the material: just imagine, you will hang a lot of toys, tinsel and light bulbs on the Christmas tree, and the plastic stand just might not hold the heavy wood.

Material and mounting methods

In total there are two main ways of making artificial trees - cast and on the basis of an aluminum frame using PVC, the cheapest and primitive products are not included in this list. The cast artificial Christmas trees are considered to be the highest quality ones, as each of its twigs is poured in a separate form, but their prices are much higher than others.

Christmas trees from fishing line also have their advantages: when they are designed, they most often use needles of different shades, as a result of which the result is as spectacular as possible. The cheapest artificial Christmas trees are those made of PVC materials, but, nevertheless, they look at the same time, not so bad.

How natural

In terms of environmental safety - PVC should not cause you special doubts, the most important thing is not to heat it to the melting point. If you doubt the safety of materials,of which the herringbone is made, then without any hesitation demand the certificate of product quality, which can serve as the best guarantee.

Pay attention to the type of attachment: the best option when the branches have a hinge mechanism, while they straighten out just like an umbrella in relation to the cane. It is very important that the twigs be flexible, because after the holidays the forest beauty will have to be removed away, the twigs will hew, and when the time comes, you can easily fluff them to the required position.

There is another way of fastening the branches - with the help of hooks. Typically, these trees, depending on the level at which the branch should be located, are all numbered, so it is not that difficult to assemble it. And the last thing that still worth paying attention to is the backlight.

The most affordable ones, of course, are the Christmas trees without any backlight, which you can decorate with your own lanterns. There are Christmas trees with built-in LED illumination and fiber-optic illumination.

What is more to your liking is to judge only you, but remember that fiber-optic illumination is usually installed on small Christmas trees, since the light from them is still not enough. On this all, successful purchases!

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