How to choose an electric plane

When choosing electroplane pay attention to its power, which varies on different devices from 400 to 1000 watts. The indicator of 450-600 W is inherent in amateur models, from 600 W to the professional tool. When choosing the power of the device, consider the type of wood to be processed. After all, the higher the power, the more efficiently it will cope with hard rocks.
The basis of the electric planer is a drum (milling cutter) on which the knives are attached. Thanks to the powerful motor, it makes from 10 thousand revolutions per minute. This is the speed of rotation noted in the devices of the brand Black & Decker. In electric planes of the brands Interskol and Makita, this indicator reaches 16 thousand revolutions, while Bosh devices have 19 thousand. According to the speed, electroplanes are divided into stayers, which are planed deeper and slower, and sprinters working superficially and quickly.
Look at the so-called planer sole, which consists of knives.The part that processes the wood is subject to adjustment, and the part that passes through the initially treated area and smoothes it remains stationary. From their quality depends on the speed of work. Therefore, when choosing a device, pay attention to the metal from which the sole is made.
Do not forget to clarify the indicator such as the depth of the slice or the thickness of the possible maximum removable layer at a time. The higher this parameter, the faster the tool will work and you will get the required thickness of the board. With a professional tool, this value is an order of magnitude higher and reaches 3-4 mm, while with amateur planers it varies from 0.6 to 2.5 mm.
In addition to the technical characteristics of the electroplane, consider the ease of use, ergonomics and the availability of additional tool components. Especially convenient are planers with two handles, with the help of which they simultaneously push and guide a tool. Devices with a spiral blade planed wood with higher quality.

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