How to choose the perfect tuxedo?

Is it possible to imagine a more elegant and stylish evening clothes than a perfectly fitted tuxedo? This element, both male and female wardrobe has long become a must-have thing, without it it is difficult to imagine any important celebration or formal event.

At first glance, it may seem that buying a tuxedo will not be very difficult, because all the models are approximately similar, but it turns out that everything is not so simple and appearance can be deceiving.

Real macho

Uniform outside, the tuxedos can differ greatly in the quality of the fabric, textures and colors, accessories and style, the choice of which will depend on how important it is for you to emphasize your individuality at a future event.

The tuxedo is a kind of clothes that are not worn every day, so it is not so strongly influenced by fashion trends, despite this, different models can differ greatly, both in quality and price. So how to choose a fashionable men's tuxedo to really look perfect?

In fact, a person who is rather far from the world of fashion and the etiquette of evening fashion, to choose the “right” tuxedo is not the easiest thing to do.

In white color

The rule does not apply here: the more expensive, the better, which sellers often stick to in stores, trying to advise exactly those models that are worth enough money. In fact, as far as formal clothes are concerned, in order to look good, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules.

What is a tuxedo?

At first glance, it is difficult for an inexperienced person to figure out how a tuxedo differs from, for example, a regular holiday suit. It turns out that there are differences that are the most fundamental: for example, the presence of satin cuffs on a jacket and the same stripes on trousers are mandatory conditions.


Under the jacket must be worn a special shirt with double cuffs, which is fastened with cufflinks. A wide satin sash is not excluded, which is tied up with a part of trousers and a shirt, it should be made in the tone of a bow tie. All the pockets on the jacket are bogus, except for the chest in which a silk scarf is put.They are deceived not in order to save, but so that the thin fabric from which tuxedos are sewn does not bristle in these places.


A vest can be put on under a tuxedo, which should be made from the same fabric as the entire costume, and satin inserts are allowed on the back, do not forget about the functional strap that is used to pull it up at the waist.

The vest is usually worn in those cases, if you need to take a watch with you to the event, but to wear a tuxedo wrist, even the most expensive and prestigious, is an unacceptable omission on the part of the owner. Only pocket watches on a chain are allowed, especially for which there is a pocket in a vest, there is usually a card holder in the same place.

What to look for when choosing?

The first question that arises when it comes to acquiring such a form of clothing is to sew to order or to buy an already finished product. Ready-made tuxedos can be purchased in the salons of wedding and evening wear, where you should be helped with the choice and present several options for fitting.


It should be noted that a lot of difficulties are always associated with the purchase of the finished product.If you are a happy owner of a standard figure, then, perhaps, everything will go smoothly, otherwise it is better to prefer salons, where you are ready to fit the chosen product, so to speak, "in shape." It also happens that the size seems to be the same, but still something is wrong: the trousers are collected in the hips, the jacket is wrinkled.


Often tailoring to order can cost even less than buying a finished product, because their prices are often overstated solely “because of the brand”. If you are not the leading person in the evening and do not have to respect a particular image because of a certain status, then it may not make sense to overpay.

It has a kind of belt

Keep in mind that tailoring a high-quality tuxedo can take about 3-4 weeks, and, therefore, this issue must be resolved in advance. Sewing a custom-made tuxedo has its advantages - you can choose your own fabric, think about a style that will fit exclusively for your figure, such a suit will definitely acquire a special individuality.

Subtleties of choice:

  • Such evening dresses can be double-breasted and single-breasted, as well as with one button or three. Pick up a jacket is necessary depending on the characteristics of its shape: double-breasted, as a rule, weight the figure and give solidity, and single-breasted, on the contrary, slim.
  • As for color, it is classically developed that a tuxedo can only be black in winter and white in summer. In the case when events do not adhere to full officialdom, color models are allowed. As a rule, the jacket and pants should be made in the same color, but contrasting options are also possible: for example, black or blue pants, white jacket.
  • The jacket collar can be made in the form of a smooth contour, it is also called a “shawl”, and in the form of a pointed, “English” gate. To understand what will look better, it is necessary to try on both options.
  • Trying on a tuxedo, be sure to move in it, check if it is holding you back, if you can sit quietly in it, walk and raise your knees, remember that you will not only have to stand still.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the little things: the scarf in the pocket should be cotton, it should be in harmony with all the details of the tuxedo, it can be in tone with a tie, but not black. Attention is paid even to the socks - they should only be long and only black! Shoes to this costume are selected from the classic black matte leather, lacquer models are allowed only in dance images. Sash should be combined with a butterfly, folds on it should look only upwards.
  • Classic men's tuxedos can be made only of fine wool, while the modern fashion makes its own adjustments: the use of jacquard fabrics in combination with shiny satin is allowed.
  • In order for the “suit to sit”, it is impossible to store mobile phones, wallets and other things in it, and the breast pocket can be designed exclusively for a scarf.
  • Do not confuse the tuxedo and tailcoat, such accessories as a cylinder, cane or gloves are not acceptable here.
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