How to choose the right crossbow or bow?

If you are a romantic at heart and love hunting and sports such as archery or crossbow, then you just can not do without the appropriate equipment. In order for your hunt to be successful, and in shooting competitions you did not occupy the last places - you need to be able to choose the right weapon for you - the bow orcrossbow. Weapon selectiondepends largely on the individual characteristics of the shooter: his physiological data (strength, dexterity, visual acuity), temperament (attentive introvert or impulsive extravert, ready to release 10 arrows per minute) and experience with throwing weapons.

Before you deal with the individual selection of weapons, you should first say a few words about what the crossbow and bow actually differ from each other. Characteristic features of the bow is that it has a much higher rate of fire than the crossbow, but it requires more experience and skill.Speed, optical sight, range and high punching ability are, in turn, the main advantages that a crossbow possesses. The drawbacks of this weapon are the rather heavy weight of the crossbow design and the tight pulling of the bowstring. Based on the above, we can draw some conclusions.

First, such a throwing weapon as an onion is most suitable for playing sports, but not hunting, because it has a shorter range and punching ability, because of what it will be harder for them to hit a powerful large beast. With a bow it will be easier to manage people of fragile build, not possessing great physical strength. In addition, those who have a moving temperament and impatient character, even if they are densely compounded, still should also prefer the bow to the crossbow, because at the expense of a higher rate of fire, it can shoot 12 times per minute, while only the crossbow 3-4 times. It should also be said that today there are different types of bows and crossbows.

They differ in accordance with the features of their design.So, stand out in a separate group of classic and block bows. The difference of the latter is that they have special blocks, which allow to reduce the efforts when tightening the string. What is the difference between block and recursive crossbows? The design of their "shoulders" has differences in its structure. The shoulders of a recursive crossbow are slightly curved at the ends and serve only to tension the bowstring, while the block arm has special blocks attached to them, which serve to pass both the bowstring and two additional cables.

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