How to choose the right tent

Active recreation in the summer period is not only pleasant impressions from the contemplation of nature and communication with interesting people. First of all, it is a guarantee of health for the whole next year. Therefore, it is not surprising that hiking trips are so popular. In order for the rest to be complete and really bring only joy and benefit, you should choose a good equipment. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a one-day outing or a real long expedition, you can’t do without a tent. In today's market offers an unthinkable number of models. To choose the right option for you, follow the main criteria and some recommendations.

Type of tent. The following categories are distinguished by this criterion:

  • trekking
  • expeditionary
  • camping
  • high mountain
  • specialized.

A universal option for amateur hiking - trekking, represented by a wide line, for example, the company green glade. It will be possible to choose not only the type, but also the shape of the tent, its capacity and even the color of the material.Moreover, the purchase can be made in the online store, making sure the necessary quality characteristics, which is important to ensure a comfortable stay in the lap of nature.

The form. There are also many options here: hemisphere, marquee, double slope, semi-bar are just some of them. More clearly imagine all the possible design ideas, if you consider the proposed alexika tents. In this regard, make a choice based solely on personal preferences.

Dimensions. The standard model - “2 + 1”, that is, designed for 2 people, but if necessary, the third is also easy to place. One caveat - choose the appropriate length of the tent, so as not to experience discomfort.

After you have decided on the parameters of the general plan, go directly to the technical side of testing:

  • type of frame. Pay attention to the material of all parts. It must be durable, to ensure reliability and easy, so as not to obstruct the whole trip, because in most cases all equipment is in the backpack behind you. An excellent option would be arches made of fiberglass or aluminum - these are exactly the tents used by mitks.
  • tent strength. Here matter is the density of the material, the degree of water resistance (the indicator must be at least 2500 mm) and the number of layers (two-layer ones are more reliable). Check the density of the touch and make sure that the material has no clues, holes, elongated threads.
  • reliability of fasteners.
  • additional equipment. For example, hooks for lamps, shelves for small things, separate compartments for luggage.

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