How to clean the laptop from dust by yourself

Modern laptops are characterized by high performance. To ensure the normal operation of the device and adequate cooling of all elements, manufacturers equip them with a ventilation system, therefore it is so important to know how to clean the laptop of dust itself.

Together with the air, dust and particles of debris that accumulate on the surface of the internal components and fans, fall on the bearings get into the laptop case. The efficiency of the fans is reduced, and the main elements of the system overheat. As a result, the work slows down, and in some cases the laptop is completely turned off due to overheating.

To keep the device inoperable, it is recommended to regularly clean the laptop from dust, even at home. If the computer is under warranty, it is better to take it to a service center to not open the seal of the manufacturer yourself. In other cases, you can clean up yourself, using the article as a step by step instructions.

Precautionary measures

Laptop and tablet

If you plan to clean yourself, be sure to take precautions to avoid unwanted effects. This will save health and save money.

  • Before starting the procedure, be sure to turn off the system, unplug the device, remove the battery.
  • When disassembling the laptop, unscrew the screws. Remember or write in a notebook how much and how long one or another element is fastened with screws.
  • If the cogs could not be found, the element most likely keeps on snaps. Removing such nodes, proceed with extreme caution. If there are any difficulties, use a small screwdriver and lightly pry the latch. Do not use force, otherwise break the fastener.
  • Clean only with clean and dry hands. If there are gloves in the arsenal, be sure to use it.
  • When using a vacuum cleaner, do not direct the suction port to the motherboard. It is fraught with breakage.
  • Do not blow out dust and dirt with your mouth, otherwise they will fall into the lungs and eyes. Better use a hairdryer. Direct only cold air onto internal elements.
  • When cleaning the laptop is strictly prohibited to use cleaning products and wet wipes, except for special ones.

It is recommended to carry out preventive cleaning of the laptop every six months in order to keep the system clean and prolong its service life.

Step-by-Step Dust Cleaning Plan

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If the system slows down, the "death screen" has become a frequent visitor, the notebook's case is very hot, and the sound of the fans resembles the operation of jet engine engines, this is evidence that your personal assistant needs to be cleaned.

Cleaning the laptop without disassembling

Even if there is no knowledge in this area, and there is no opportunity to seek qualified help, do not panic. Put the patient on the table, remove the vacuum cleaner from the pantry, attach a thin nozzle to the nozzle, activate the blowing mode and blow the laptop, paying special attention to the keyboard and ventilation holes.

Video instruction

Upon completion of the five-minute procedure, you will notice that the work of the laptop has improved significantly. It is not surprising, because the procedure helps to remove the main layer of dust. However, it is impossible to completely solve the problem due to this method of cleaning, therefore I do not recommend delaying the total cleaning.

Disassemble Laptop Cleaning

If the warranty on the laptop is over and you have enough courage to carry out the procedure for disassembling and cleaning yourself, proceed. Just be careful and remember what you unscrew and disconnect from.

Prepare inventory before starting the procedure. You will need a small screwdriver, soft brush, vacuum cleaner and hairdryer. And the following instructions will be a good helper in disassembling and cleaning.

  1. Turn off the laptop and disconnect the battery. Turn over and gently unscrew all screws, carefully remove the cover. Put the removed and unscrewed elements into the container in order not to lose.
  2. Determine the points of accumulation of dust and debris. Traditionally, the largest amount of dirt will be seen on the fan blades and between the radiator fins. In advanced cases, a continuous layer of dust and debris is found.
  3. Carefully remove the fan. Peel off the sticker, remove the washer and remove the impeller. Wipe the blades with a cloth, clean and lubricate the shaft with machine oil, assemble the cooling element.
  4. Take a brush on the surface of the radiator, paying particular attention to the slots, collect the peeled dust pieces with a vacuum cleaner.
  5. Using a hair dryer, vacuum cleaner or compressed air bottle, remove dust from the surface of all internal components. Do not use a cloth or a cotton swab for this purpose. They leave after themselves a tiny scrap, and this is fraught with a closure. Not suitable for cleaning the motherboard and the brush, as it is potentially dangerous for the tracks.
  6. To remove dust from the keyboard, use a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner. If better cleaning is planned, disassembling the module is indispensable.
  7. When the cleaning is completed, reassemble the patient in the reverse order. Install components in place without excessive force, otherwise damage fragile elements.

After completing the assembly, turn on the computer and check its operation. If done correctly, the room will be filled with a quiet and pleasant sound made by cleaned and smeared fans. By the way, this instruction is also suitable for cleaning a netbook.

Video manual

I do not recommend to disassemble and clean the laptop, if it is under warranty. This task is best entrusted to the master, who will conduct preventive maintenance as safely as possible for the system. For the work the master will not take much, but at a distance such investments will pay off with a head.

Features cleaning different brands of laptops

Portable personal computers are produced by many companies, and each manufacturer uses a unique cooling system in its products. If you disassemble several notebooks with the same technical characteristics, inside there will be different contents. I lead to the fact that the need to clean one model appears after six months, and the other quietly works much more.

Companies Asus and Acer are trying to maximize the fate of users. To clean a laptop any of these brands is enough to remove the back cover. This simple step provides free access to the cooling system.

If we talk about the products of HP, Sony or Samsung, it is more difficult here. To conduct high-quality cleaning, you often have to completely disassemble the system. Be sure to consider this.

Prevention and Tips

Laptop on the table

If the user regularly monitors the purity of the laptop and periodically cleans it from dust and dirt, it deserves respect. The procedure can be performed much less frequently if you follow several rules.

  1. If you like working on a bed or in a chair, buy a special table. So you protect your laptop from dust accumulated in the upholstery and soft blankets. Yes, and work with this stand more convenient.
  2. Do not combine work and dining.Practice shows that food with drinks often leads to breakdowns.
  3. Do not turn on the laptop if in the house or in the apartment repairs are carried out. Construction dust is more dangerous for the system than household waste. For the time of repair, it is best to place the device in the cover.
  4. Turn on the laptop if necessary, and upon completion of work activate sleep mode.

Careful treatment, supplemented by prevention, significantly increases the life of the laptop. Do a general cleaning every six months, wipe off dust with a hairdryer once a month, regularly wipe the keyboard and monitor, and the laptop will thank for quiet and trouble-free work.

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