How to collect hair beautifully?

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How to collect hair beautifully?

Long silky girlish hair is fine, but this hairstyle is not always suitable. For example, at school it is more convenient when the hair is removed and does not interfere with reading or writing. And just all the time, loose hair quickly bored, and I want something new. Today we talk about how to collect your hair beautifully.

It will be a question of a long hair and about hair of average length. Owners of short hair, you can just go to the hairdresser and make a stylish haircut. Then the question of how to put hair, will disappear by itself.

How to quickly collect hair beautifully? This will help the three main types of hairstyles - tail, bun and braid.

Tail - express option

How to collect medium hair beautifully? Make the tail - the easiest and fastest hair styling. We need only a beautiful gum and stealth for short pryadok. The tail can be made at different heights: low (horse tail), medium height and high. To give this simple hairstyle elegance the hair on the head should be smoothly combed without cocks. If there are short strands on the sides, you can curl them and thereby make the oval of the face more tender.You can also release one long strand, and when the tail is done, just wrap around the base of this strand, and hide the ends of the hair behind the elastic.

Low tail is done in a few seconds and does not require special care. To give your hair more originality, you can bang the bangs or strands of your forehead into a neat little braid that smoothly passes into a common tail. Also, a low tail, if hair length allows, can be done on one side. Hair on the sides can not be included in the tail, and gently curl them and do the same with the tip of the tail. Get a romantic and very beautiful hairstyle for dates. To heighten the effect, you can pin a beautiful exquisite flower or barrette.

A high tail makes its possessor younger in the eyes of others, however, a very high tail is suitable for girls, girls and young women. Women aged better to refrain from such a hair. This tail is very comfortable and will emphasize the beautiful line of the cheekbones and oval face.

A bunch of ordinary and solemn

This hairstyle has many variations and is very popular. So, to make the evening beam in the style of Sarah Jessica Parker from the series “Sex and the City”, you need to collect the hair just below the crown in a tight smooth tail with a thin elastic band.Further, a specially made soft volume elastic-lining is gently worn on the hair so that it is at the base of the tail. It is needed to give volume to the hair and to create the effect of very thick hair. Next, the hair in the tail lift up, carefully combed and divided into several strands. Each strand is gently straightened around the gum and using hairpins or invisible women to fix hair tips at the base of the hairstyle. The result should be a smooth neat volumetric beam, uniform on all sides. The hairstyle is fixed with varnish, and you can go to the ball!

A simpler version of the beam is to make a smooth tail at the desired height, and to divide the tail into several strands, each of which should be wound around the base of the tail. The ends of the hair are also fixed with stealth or mini hairpins. Hairstyle is simple, beautiful, ideal for study or work.

Another way is to comb the hair, fasten it to the tail at a medium height, but not tight to the head, but with a small distance; the hair that lies between the surface of the head and the rubber band should be divided equallyto form a hole; loose hair from the tail can be wound through this hole, it can be several times, and the ends of the hair hide in a bun and fixed with hairpins or invisible hair.

Spit - girlish beauty

How to collect beautifully long hair? The most beautiful and fashionable option is to braid a stylish braid. On long hair this hairstyle looks especially impressive. And how many variants of weaving braids are now invented, just manage to watch videos and experiment on your hair! Ordinary braids, spikelets, wheat, air, French, reverse, bulk, taut ... There are a lot of options. We advise you to find different videos, choose what you like and learn how to weave.

If you do not want to learn to weave complex braids, you can simply create a braid in the style of light negligence. To do this, do not try to braid smooth hair tightly, but on the contrary, weave the braid weaker. When you finish weave, you can slightly worn some parts of the braid. But it should look like a creative stylish mess, and not like disheveled hair. You can also braid your bangs in a neat braid or make a regular spikelet, which is also in fashion.

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