How to collect hair in a bun?

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How to collect hair in a bun?

A bun is a simple and at the same time very original hairstyle, which is a win-win option for any style of clothing and situation. Having beautifully decorated your hair in a bun, you can not only go to the gym, but also to a party or a formal event, so many girls think about how to collect hair in a bun.

Bunch of "donut"

The easiest way is to use a special “donut” for hair. To create a volumetric bundle, you need to make an ordinary tail, put a bagel on it and twist hair on it. The tips must be hidden inside. In order to hide all the errors, the hair can be decorated with a beautiful ribbon or elastic for hair.

Side beam

If you are going to any event, you can collect the hair in a side bun. The procedure for creating hairstyles is the same as when creating a normal beam, only the tail is not at the back, but at the side.

Spit Bundle

In order to create an original bundle of hair, you can use the following method:

  1. Make the tail on the back of your head.
  2. Braid volumetric braid and twist a bunch of it, slightly beating hair.
  3. Fix hair with stealth.

A bunch of two strands

Gather the hair in a ponytail and divide it into two parts. Then bind them betweenA bunch of two strandsby yourself and fix the end with a rubber band. Twist the hair in a bun, securing it invisible.

If you want to make a slightly casual haircut, mix your hair before twisting.

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