How to conclude a lease on land

You will need
  • - cadastral plan of the land plot;
  • - certificate of ownership of the land.
Be sure to draw up a contract in writing. In it describe in detail the land plot transferred in rent. To do this, use the information from the cadastral plan and other documents available to the owner. Specify the area, location, description of the land plot.
Determine how long the contract is for. When concluding a lease agreement for immovable property for a period of more than a year, the contract is subject to mandatory registration and is considered concluded from the time of such registration. Therefore, it is better to conclude a contract for eleven months. Indicate that the contract will be extended upon expiration of this period. Keep in mind that in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation the term condition is immaterial, therefore the parties to the rental agreement have the right not to include this clause in the agreement.
Write in the contract the amount of rent and the period in which the tenant will be required to transfer the required amount to the lessor. Also do not forget to add the rights and obligations of the parties. Determine whether the tenant will have the right to use water bodies and facilities located on the leased land, who will own the proceeds from the sale of products grown on the leased area. Try to specify in the contract all significant and controversial issues that may arise in the process of using the land.
The long-term relationship of the parties to the contract depends on you.

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