How to convert flv to avi?

Evgeny Lukashenko
Evgeny Lukashenko
May 18, 2012
How to convert flv to avi?

Generally, where did this FLV format come from? And why is it needed, for me it would be enough of the good old MP4 for all purposes! This is a widespread misconception. It just so happened that the world is not ruled by the inhabitants.

Remember, FLV is not quite a format. Yes, such conclusions can be made based on the .flv file extension, but everything is much more serious. An FLV file is a kind of media container, it contains audio and video tracks, plus additional data transfer channels, etc.

It is designed specifically for streaming multimedia over the Internet. And its origin on the computer is predictable: either you downloaded it from the Web, or mounted it for download.

Why convert flv to avi?

Most players can play flv files directly in raw format. There are incidents, because this is a container, and this or that codec is not always on your computer. Hence the picture without sound, and the sound without picture. Less often - nothing at all. This is where the need for conversion arises.Just what? Of course, in avi. The most pleasant for most users format, and familiar.

How to convert flv to avi yourself?

An absolutely free program with the modest name Super comes to the rescue.

Download it here: (at the bottom of the page click "Start Downloading SUPER (c)", on the new page "download and use", wait until the bottom appears "download SUPER (c) setup file", click).

Using the program

  1. Run the program.
  2. We set the output file settings.
  3. Mouse "throws" (dragging) the video you need in the program window.
  4. Click the button "Encode (Active Files)".
  5. We wait and get the finished file.

Available settings:

  • output file format (we are interested in AVI);
  • video codec;
  • audio codec;
  • video size;
  • frames / sec .;
  • bitrate

Alternatively, I advise the program "FLV to AVI Converter". As the name implies, it was “sharpened” precisely for our purpose - the conversion of flv to avi. And the creators did it. Intuitive interface, good speed, the quality of the final product is exactly what you specify in the settings.

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