How to cook duck pilaf

Pilaf is a delicious rice dish that is cooked not only on mutton meat. Duck pilaf also has an excellent taste. You can add to it both seasonings and spices, as well as dry and fresh fruits.
duck pilaf
Duck pilaf is cooked as easily as other meat pilaf
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  • Servings:
  • Preparation time:1 minute
  • Cooking time:45 minutes

How to cook duck delicious classic pilaf

This dish does not contain additional products, only the main ones. Therefore, most will like it.


  1. Prepare duck fat in advance. To do this, cut it with meat along with the skin. No need to heat it immediately in a frying pan. Put these cut pieces in a pot of water and cook for 2 hours. Take it out in the cold.
  2. When the broth has cooled, a thick layer of fat forms on top. Carefully remove it and put in a cauldron or pot with thickened walls, where pilaf will be cooked.
  3. Divide the meat into large pieces - so it will be juicier. Do not choose bones. They will give a saturation to a dish.
  4. Shred carrots in long bars. So it will not boil soft and not dissolve Onion cut into cubes.
  5. Rinse the rice in running water 6-7 times. It depends on the variety. Choose long grain or special rice for pilaf. After rinsing, soak it for 2 hours in water. Drain water before cooking.
  6. In melted duck fat, fry the meat until crispy. Pickle. Add onions and carrots. For saturated color, fry vegetables a little longer.
  7. Add to the cauldron rice and spices. Pour water over 2 cm above the rice. Do not mix. Top with a whole head of garlic. Cover and cook after boiling over high heat for 3 minutes and 7 minutes on low.
  8. Turn it off, let it go to readiness. Cover with a thick towel.
  9. After 40 minutes, the dish will be ready.

During this time, rice should be fed and become crumbly. Stir pilaf carefully before serving.

Duck Pilaf Recipes

No matter how diverse pilaf is, it has the same foundation. Only additional products are added to it.

Here are the basic recipes:

  • Classic pilaf does not differ by special ingredients. Everyone can cook it and it will have a traditional taste.
  • Pilaf with dried fruits is prepared according to the same recipe as the classic one, but with the addition of dried apricots and prunes. The taste is sweetish with sourness.
  • But Uzbek plov is preparing a little differently. Carrots, onions and meat are cooked in equal parts in a large amount of vegetable oil. As much rice is added.

The technology of cooking these recipes is the same. Serve the pilaf always hot. After a hearty and nutritious dinner, drink green or black tea.

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