How to cook fluffy pancakes?

Want to try something new and different? Try cooking American pancakes, or, as they are called at home, in the US and Canada, pancakes. This is surprisingly airy and tasty pastry, which strongly resembles our usual pancakes, only in size they are slightly smaller and thicker.

In the US, this is a favorite breakfast dish, along with maple syrup or berry jam, pancakes are a delicious delicacy, which, by the way, sounds like cake from a frying pan.

Looks appetizing

The history of the occurrence of this dish is for certain unknown, there is an opinion that in the USA these pancakes have migrated with migrants from Scotland, today they are a mandatory menu item of any fast food restaurant, such as McDonalds.

Pancakes are always served with something sweet, such as chocolate, berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries), fruits (bananas, oranges, apples), as well as various syrups, honey or even cereals. In structure, American pancakes strongly resemble ours, however, thanks to the technology of their preparation, they are less fatty and more airy.

Previously, such a dish could be tried only by visiting America, today, thanks to the Internet, each hostess can learn how to cook American punkakes with her own hands.

Few highlights

As we have already said, from our usual pancakes, pancakes differ in size, usually their diameter is no more than 14 cm. Especially for this you will need a special frying pan with a small bottom, you can use and ordinary, however, in this case, pancakes can turn out to be a nonideal circular shape.

In the first case, the pancakes should be turned over with the help of a wooden spatula, and there is also a special pan, which consists of two converging halves. In this case, you lubricate the bottom half with oil, pour the dough into it and quickly cover it with a second half, with this help you to cope with special long handles. Literally after a minute one side is fried, the frying pan flips from the bottom to the top, thus the second side of the punkake begins to be roasted.

With jam

The difference between this dish and the usual pancakes, not only in diameter, but in the density of the dough, it is quite dense, the recipe usually uses milk or yogurt, which is sometimes added for extra splendor.

The thickness of the finished pancake should be at least 0.5 cm, the finished pancakes are folded in a neat stack, 2-3 pieces per serving, after which they are watered on top with something sweet.

Strict rules regarding milk belong only to the classic recipe, but our housewives managed to transform this dish, as a result of which pancakes appeared with oatmeal, on kefir, with bananas and other unusual fillers.

In fact, it is completely easy to cook this dish, for this you just have to follow a few rules and recommendations. By the way, if you want to make a more useful analogue of these pancakes, then you can use less refined flour for this. So, let's try?


Cooking classic pancakes with milk

So, besides a small-diameter frying pan, a spatula, a whisk and a brush, you will need a certain set of products. These include:

  • wheat flour - 7 tbsp. spoons;
  • chicken egg - 1 piece;
  • milk - 250 ml;
  • sugar - 3 tbsp. spoons;
  • baking powder - 1.5 tsp;
  • refined sunflower oil - 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • butter - 40 g;
  • salt - a pinch.

Pour the prepared milk into a deep bowl, beat an egg into it and add sugar to it.Butter must be pre-melted, suitable for this water bath or microwave. In the melted state, pour it into a common bowl, after which we begin to mix the ingredients thoroughly until smooth.

Flour is sent next to the total mass (it should be sieved beforehand, then your pancakes will be more airy), then we add baking powder and salt, and again we mix everything. It is necessary to achieve a consistency of dough so that it is thicker than for ordinary pancakes, more like dough for pancakes.

Keep track of lumps!

Pour the sunflower oil into a separate small bowl, take a frying pan of small diameter and set it on fire so that it becomes hot. After that, with the help of a culinary brush, lubricate its bottom, carefully, make sure that there is very little oil on the surface.


Then pour the prepared dough into the frying pan, a ladle will help you with this (2/3 of the ladle will be enough for one pancake), the fire should be unscrewed at a position lower than the average. Understand that the pancake needs to be reversed simply: on its surface, you should see the holes formed.

Turn it over with a spatula and fry it on the other side for no more than one or two minutes. Ready pancakes fold in a neat little pile, you can serve them not only with jam, but also with honey, sour cream, nuts or bread.

Pancake Recipe with Oatmeal, Apple and Cinnamon

To prepare you will need:

  • oatmeal - 50 g;
  • Apple - 1 pc .;
  • milk - 50 g;
  • egg - 2 pieces;
  • Cinnamon - 0.5 tsp
  • sugar to taste.

We pre-clean the apple from the peel and bones, cut it into large pieces and then send it to the blender. Oatmeal grits are also ground with a blender, mixed together with an apple. Separate the yolk from the protein, send the latter to the total mass, add milk, sugar, cinnamon and a pinch of salt. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed until a uniform dough is formed.

Bake pancakes should be carefully, as they can stick to the surface of the pan, and therefore, make sure that the frying pan was well warmed and oiled. It is necessary to expose the fire quite small, turn over the pancakes as the holes appear on the surface.

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