How to create a design?

Natalia Kozlova
Natalia Kozlova
October 8, 2014
How to create a design?

Today, many people need their own website. The easiest way out is to use ready-made templates that many hosting providers provide. About this article is written How to create a site on Ucoz. But many prefer the original, their own design. Some principles for creating your own website design project are described below.

Preparatory work before the site design

How to come up with the idea of ​​the site, is described in detail in the article How to create a site. The next question is how to create a website design. Before embarking on a design, you need to consider the basic parameters of the entire site:

  • whether the design of the first page will differ from the subsequent ones;
  • what should be on the first page;
  • Site structure;
  • menu items;
  • Will there be a site with a “rubber” or a fixed width.

First page layout design

The first page of sites quite often differs from the subsequent ones. This is because, ideally, the visitor should immediately become interested and want to see what's next.Therefore, as a rule, on the first page there is a big colorful hat, the latest and most interesting news, announcements about promotions-discounts, announcements and other information with links leading to the internal pages.

The first page is like a book cover, which is always made brighter, more colorful. Therefore, it is possible to place a flash movie or gif animation on it with brief information about the content of the site, but no more than one so that it doesn’t glitch in the eyes.

Of course, you need a menu, and one that allows you to get to any internal page in no more than two clicks. Otherwise, the visitor will leave, never having seen the information he needs, and will no longer return. In accordance with the last requirement, the structure of the resource is thought out.

Having understood all these details, you can begin to create a design layout for the first page of the site. Work best in Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw.

Site Design Rules

Website visitors do not like very much when, besides vertical scrolling, there is also a horizontal one. The presence of a horizontal slider - almost complete guarantee that you lose a visitor. Therefore, at the present level of development of computers it is not recommended to make a page width of more than 800 pixels.

Pages should look attractive.The first page should lure the visitor to look further, but you can not overdo it with brightness, moving, blinking elements. It is not recommended to use more than three colors and more than one animation per page. A professional website is distinguished not by a multitude of pictures that look at each other, but by small, inconspicuous details: a small bent corner of the information block, elegant rounding, shadows, etc.

Probably, needless to say that the design of the site should fully comply with the content, and the design of subsequent pages, though more concise, but in the main details still repeats the first.

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