How to create a system in 2017

You will need
  • Knowledge of the laws of systems development
Development and synthesis of a new technical system, begin by defining its function. I distinguish the main function of the technical system and a number of secondary (auxiliary) functions. Any system is created not just like that, but with the aim of satisfying the urgent need that a person has. So, for a long time there is a need to create an individual means of transport, comparable in function to the car, but not tied to land or water highways. However, the principles on which such a vehicle can be built are not yet worked out.
Having understood the main useful function of the future system, proceed to the development of the carrier of this function - the working body. So, the working body of the car are the wheels, but the hovercraft uses other principles of motion. The synthesis of the working body of the new vehicle will largely depend on the state of scientific research in this area and the availability of modern materials that meet the task.Perhaps the hour is not far when, for example, the principles of antigravity will be used in the design of transport - it's up to science.
When developing a general scheme of a synthesized technical system, consider the law of completeness of parts of the system. In accordance with this law, a necessary condition for the viability of a technical system is the presence and minimum operability of parts of the system. The system should contain four parts: the engine, transmission, working body and governing body. If at least one of these parts is missing or not functioning, the technical system will not survive.
Developing a new technicalthe system, ensure the passage of energy through all parts of the system. For an element of the system to be controlled, it is necessary that the energy conductivity between this element and the working body be ensured.
Strive to use the same type of energy for the implementation of all processes, including control processes in the system. Carefully consider the use of waste energy for additional efficiency, as well as use free energy from the external environment or in the form of waste from the neighboring system.An example of using a cheap form of energy is an electric torch of the “bug” type with manual recharging. This flashlight works when you press a special lever and does not require additional batteries.
Take into account in the development also the law of matching the rhythms of the elements of the system. In an ideal technical system, essential parameters must be coordinated (or deliberately mismatched), including the material from which the system parts are made, the frequency of the elements, the sizes of parts, the types of technical fields used. One of the effective ways to coordinate parts of a system is to use the resonance phenomenon.
Use the main guideline in the process of creating a technical system - obtaining a new system property, which largely depends on the construction of the system structure.

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