How to cure an ovarian cyst?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
December 25, 2014
How to cure an ovarian cyst?

Ovarian cyst is a common gynecological disease that most often occurs in women with menstrual disorders. It is asymptomatic and is diagnosed on a scheduled ultrasound of the pelvic organs.

Let's stop on how to cure an ovarian cyst.

Drug treatment

Medications can help cure an ovarian cyst. They must be administered exclusively by a doctor. The following medicines are most commonly used to treat such a disease:

  • Zincite;
  • Duphaston, Aloe;
  • Three-wee plus;
  • Ichtiol candles;
  • Folic acid;
  • Veroshpiron;
  • Indomethacin candles.

Along with their intake, hormonal drugs are often prescribed. But it is important to remember that they have many side effects. Therefore, they should be taken only under the supervision of a physician.

Folk remedies

In the treatment of ovarian cysts are often used folk remedies. They are quite effective, some recommend using them with medical therapy. Here is a list of proven folk remedies:

  • Take 300 g of raisins and pour 500 ml of vodka. Leave the agent for 15 days to infuse in a dark place. Then take it 15 ml 3 times a day. The course of treatment should be 30 days;
  • Take fresh burdock leaves and squeeze the juice out of them. It must be taken daily, before meals in 2 tbsp. spoons several times a day. Store the juice must be in the refrigerator. The course of treatment should be 1 month, if necessary, it can be repeated after 2 weeks.

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