How to cut the nails of a small child?

Cutting small, thin children's marigolds is not a favorite activity for both parents and children. Mom quickly has a fear that it is very easy to cut such small fingers with sharp scissors, and the child may fall into a real tantrum at the sight of strange metal objects, which also have to “bite off” something on his hands.

As a result, the child is in tears, all the limbs are kicking in different directions, and the poor frightened mother is completely at a loss.

Unfortunately, you can not neglect this important matter: the nail plates begin to grow even before the birth of the baby, so many mothers are already surprised at their length in the hospital. Marigold in young children grow very quickly, and, meanwhile, are a source of infection.

In addition, very small children, because of their unbalanced movements, can scratch or even injure themselves, which is why it is so important that you learn how to cut your child's nails as early as possible.The sooner you start to do this, the sooner the baby will stop being afraid of this strange procedure, which means that the haircut will be much easier.

Manicure set for baby

Yes, what did you think? A child, even the smallest, should have an individual manicure set, for which special children's varieties are sold. It usually includes scissors - always with round ends or plastic tips, so as not to injure the delicate skin of the baby.

They can be used both for the main haircut, and for cutting off the remnants of the nail after the haircut with nippers. Nippers are the second necessary subject, with their help they cut off the main part of the regrown nail plate.

Some sources recommend using nail files to gash down the remaining sharp edges, however, their rough surface can easily injure the delicate skin of a child.

How to deal with a newborn baby?

Immediately after birth, babies have thin and fragile marigolds, so in the first few weeks they do not need to be cut, most often they break themselves or you can help them a little with your own hands. There is even such a popular method: biting off the nails of a newborn.Sounds a little wild, huh?

But, in fact, the method is very justified: the lips and tongue are very sensitive, and therefore the transition to the nail bed is easy to feel and not to damage it. If such a method is still unacceptable for you, then you can use the experience of foreign parents: in the first few weeks after the birth, special mittens or socks are worn on small hands - this will not allow the child to scratch his face.

How to cut?

By about the second month of life, the nails are already becoming much harder - here they definitely need to be cut in the usual way? But how? Are they so small, still constantly moving?

If the child is very restless, you can try to carry out this procedure while he is sleeping - in the deep sleep phase the body completely relaxes, the fingers open and you can gently cut the nails.


Immediately decide what you will cut - if the wire cutters, then in a straight line, slightly pressing and pushing away the pincushion of your finger. Remnants can be removed with scissors. If the scissors - then try to adhere to the natural curvature of the nail bed, perhaps one plate is easier to cut into several receptions - first the middle, and then on the sides.

It is easiest to carry out the procedure after bathing, then the marigolds are steamed and softer. If the finger is slightly injured in the process of cutting, do not worry, just treat it with an antiseptic, you can apply wound healing ointment.

How to deal with children of middle age?

Unfortunately, not only babies can have problems. Not uncommon, when children of 2-5 years flatly refuse to cut their nails, like very small ones, they get into tantrums and run away from scissors from all feet. How to be?

Try to cheat: often cut your nails in the presence of a child, because they love to repeat everything after adults. In parallel, explain why this is necessary. You can offer to play in the nail salon or try to persuade, showing the example of another child.

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