How to deal with Medvedka

How to deal with Medvedka

How to get rid of medvedki in the garden, a means of struggle.

Such an insect as a polar bear looks exactly like this in nature: it is long from thirty-five to fifty millimeters, it has short leathery elytra and digging legs. All time lives mainly in the soil and only occasionally comes to the surface. During the night-time period, it flies from place to place, as well as everything else, and swims well. In the summer, it makes holes on the surface of the earth, and in the winter at a depth of fifty one hundred meters. It comes to the surface mainly when the air temperature reaches twelve fifteen degrees above zero. During the mating process, which takes place underground, the females build their nests. Eggs are laid from one hundred to four hundred pieces, and when the larvae appear, they are strictly guarded by females under their control. Medvedka most often damages the roots of tomato, pepper, cabbage, eggplant.After damage, the plants dry out and can be easily pulled out of the ground.


If you do not fight with Medvedkathen it damages not only the roots of vegetable plants, but also the roots of potatoes, gnawing through them, and also destroys the seeds. If you do not get rid of a bear, then she will make many moves in the ground. It multiplies very quickly and when it appears in the garden vegetable crops die, and in order to avoid this it is necessary to get rid of it. And for this you need to use poison bait. Such baits are buried in the soil at a depth of three centimeters, it is at this depth that the bear lives. You can buy a lure for a bear, and you can make it yourself. And for this you need steamed wheat grains mixed with zinc, and let them cool. And you can also use another bait, the manufacture of which is as follows. Mix one kilogram of bran with Parisian herbs. But this method of fighting with Medvedka is dangerous, as birds and domestic animals can eat this bait, because this bait is poisonous, and its preparation needs some caution.


Folk ways and means of dealing with Medvedka in the garden.



Fight with MedvedkaIt is possible, applying not only the manufacture of baits, but you can also plant flowers and plants that frighten off the pest. So, for example, before planting seedlings of vegetables, it is necessary to prick the branches of chrysanthemum to a depth of three centimeters. Also, instead of poison, or chrysanthemum, they also use egg shells. The shell is ground and mixed with vegetable oil, after which it is buried to a depth of not more than three centimeters. Each pest tastes the eggshell, then dies.


To save vegetables from the bear, it is necessary to plant them in plastic glasses while keeping the roots, because in this case the bear will not be able to get to them. But the disadvantage of this method is that not all plants can be planted using plastic or polyethylene.


A very effective way to combat a bear is to use traps. At the same time bury a glass liter jar, and the neck should be flush with the ground. Since the bear insect is an evening insect when it appears in the evening, it will fall into the jar, and it will not be able to get out again. And in the morning, you can destroy the bear directly doused it with kerosene and burn it.And in order to attract Medvedka, and in order for her to fall into the jar, you need to pour some fresh beer.


Medvedka very much afraid of washing soap and powder. And in order to get rid of her forever, you should pour a solution from household soap or powder into her moves. And to bring such a solution, you can use four tablespoons of laundry detergent to ten liters of water. At the same time, a certain part of the pests are killed right in the courses, and some die, climbing to the surface of the earth. And if, nevertheless, there is neither soap nor laundry detergent, then in this case one should fill the holes with cold water and wait for the insect after some time.


Experts recommend to fight these pests in the fall. To do this, you need to dig a small pit and put manure into this pit, and mix it with the tops of the vegetables. So medvedki will climb into this pit to lay eggs and winter. And when the first frost hits, manure should be spread out on the ground and the pests will all freeze and die. You can also leave them in this pit for the winter, and in the early spring, fill the pit with kerosene and set it on fire. When combating a bear, you need to try different ways, because one will not help, another will definitely help, in this case the main fight against pests.


How to deal with Medvedka chemicals



There are several effective and protective ways against the bear. In order to protect the tubers of vegetable plants it is necessary to apply chemical agents. For example,actara 25 WGprotects the roots of such vegetable plants as: cabbage, sweet pepper, eggplant. Before planting, moisten the roots in a suspension of this drug.


But to protect potatoes and tomatoes use a chemical drug against pests calledMedvedtoks-Uand use it three hundred grams per one hundred garden. Roots of vegetable plants can also be wetted andprestige, one hundred milliliters of solution per ten liters of water.


An excellent way to fight with Medvedka is the drug.Phenoxin plus. This drug, as a rule, has a pleasant and tempting smell, but is a real poison for Medvedka. In a hole with manure put the granules of the drug and cover it with leaves, so that pets do not taste it. Also, where Medvedka made her moves, put the granules at a distance of twenty-thirty centimeters from each other. Such granules do not cause any harm to vegetables and plants that are planted near the places where the control of pests. Repeated prophylaxis is carried out in two weeks with the goal, if young pests hatch.


You can get rid of the bear by smells, birds, insectivores



Also the fight against the bear can be waged andwithout the use of expensive chemicals. And to use in the fight against pests can be exclusively all that is at hand. For example, the bear does not toleratethe smell of pine needles and fir. In this case, the branches of fir lie down between the beds of potatoes, before harvesting, no bear will be found.


Another bearafraid of the smell of rotten fish. Before planting vegetables, you need to put two small pieces of the cheapest fish in the garden and a 100% result in combating the bear will be on your face. Indeed, before the seeds begin to ascend, the fish will deteriorate by this time, and the bear will not destroy the seedlings.


In nature also existenemies that are dangerous to the bear. First of all, it isbirds: ravens, starlings, graces, and also ants, which destroy the eggs of a bear.


Also help fight these pests andinsectivoroussuch as: hedgehogs, moles, lizards.It was also considered dangerous for the bear to be Osu Larra, who drove out a bear from the ground and paralyzed her with three bites, which was fatal.


There are many different ways that will helpget rid of a bear, and you need to use each method, because if one does not help, the other will surely help. But to start a garden and not to do anything, to watch how Medvedka settles in a garden, then in this case it will be difficult to bring it out and it will take a year.

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