How to decorate a Christmas tree on the street?

Pre-New Year preparations - a time of fun, pleasure and good mood. At such times, you want every corner of the house to be beautiful and elegant. An inalienable attribute of the winter holiday is, of course, the Christmas tree. This magnificent beauty is a symbol of the New Year. And if you turned out to be the lucky person who had a "fir-tree" in the yard, then sooner for decorations. And let the holiday begin from the very beginning!

Green Beauty

The decoration process can be turned into a mini-holiday for the whole family with games, food and dressing up the main "culprit" of the upcoming celebration. Hot tea, mulled wine, homemade cakes - a great rehearsal for the New Year. But before you start the process, you should listen to a few simple rules:

1. Choose unbreakable toys. Firstly, it is safe, and secondly, if the wind blows them from the tree, then no one will be upset that they have beaten.

2. Size must fit. If the spruce is large, then it is necessary to give preference to large products.If those were not at hand, do not be lazy to make compositions from small toys.

3. Take care of the mount. Ordinary loops - not the most reliable. Therefore, it is worth or good to tie toys with ropes or ribbons, or use thin wire to securely fasten them to the branches.

3. The right garlands. Frost and cold are faithful companions of winter, and if you want to decorate a Christmas tree with garlands, then you need to stop the choice of those that can be used for street decor. They are resistant to low temperatures, so there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Beauty, and only

What kind of decorations are suitable for a Christmas tree in the yard?

1. From grandma's dresser. Rummage in the attic, so for sure there will be things that can serve as an ornament. Disguised mittens, old alarm clock, shoes. All this will be transformed in a magical way, if you "arm" with baloons with gold and silver paint.

2. Of ice. If on the eve of the holiday in the street a few days frosts, you can make real winter decorations of ice. To do this, the water must be poured into the molds, if desired, add paints and sequins, and freeze.Decorated with such toys, the Christmas tree will beautifully shimmer with all colors.

3. From scrap materials. Decorate the Christmas tree can be all sorts of crafts from what is in the house. In the course can go plastic bottles, old CD-disks, polystyrene foam. From the latter (usually it can be found in boxes of household appliances) it is easy to make various crafts, paint and glue beads, sequins. Small boxes can also be wrapped in gift paper.

Examples of such handicrafts are extremely rich in the Internet, so you can easily find useful ideas, and if you involve children in the manufacturing process, then preparation becomes a real pleasure.

4. Edible decorations. Once, Christmas tree toys were in short supply and the tree was decorated with hand-made decorations of sweets and fruits. Why not do the same? Tangerines, apples, pears and even bananas can become fancy toys if they are wrapped in foil and slightly decorated. Gift paper can also be used to make gift bags or boots with delicacies inside. Do not forget the bundles of bagels, it looks very authentic.

5. Purchased.The selection in the stores is truly fantastic. In addition to the usual glass balls and various figures, you can always find plastic or foam products that can easily withstand the harsh cold and snow. A great idea - a can of artificial snow, which will come to the rescue if the New Year is not snow. A bright tinsel and garlands will complete the overall picture.

Preening the green beauty is a fascinating and creative process that will appeal to all households. This is a great way to rally a family on the way to celebrating the New Year.

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