How to decorate sneakers with their own hands using paints and plastics

How to decorate sneakers with their own hands using paints and plasticsSneakers - the best shoes for an active summer, as well as spring and early autumn - certainly practical, but too much the same in our area. The famous brands of these shoes with laces from time to time produce not only different color options - a sock, a rubber circle on the ankle and the sole of one color, usually white, and the fabric part - of any other - but also limited parties where each pair is almost a work of art. .


The fabric of such sneakers is painted with images of popular heroes of cinema, comics and cartoons, written with flying phrases or simply painted in the style of abstractions. Such shoes are beautiful and individual, but the latter is not only a plus, but also a minus - they cost a lot, and they are rarely sold in other countries. So why not take matters into your own hands and make yourself your own, absolutely individual sneakers from the most ordinary pair bought at the supermarket?


You will need:


  • a pair of shoes of the right size with laces. You can take any company, even the best brand in the world, and you can take a regular Chinese product, it does not matter at all. But choose a closer color. If you are not going to completely paint the fabric top, this color will be the background for your decor;
  • acrylic paint, fabric markers, acrylic contour, several brushes of different sizes;
  • superglue, needles and threads;
  • flexible plastic (if you want to replace the circles on the ankles);
  • acetone or nail polish remover;
  • sponges, cotton swabs, cotton wool - all this is needed to paint around small details on sneakers;
  • jewelery, such as light metal spikes.


1. Design a design for your shoes. Use imagination and make a couple personally for yourself, reflecting your tastes or even worldview - or the tastes of the person to whom this couple is intended as a gift.
2. Loosen the sneakers, pull out the laces. They can also be colored, it's better to do this with a marker, so the paint will soak in more thoroughly and will less shed in the rain. But in general, the best option is to buy colored laces, they are inexpensive.


How to decorate sneakers with their own hands using paints and plastics


3. Draw a sketch on the fabric with a simple pencil and start painting! Remember - acrylic of different colors can be mixed until it dries.If you need details on an already finished drawing, wait until it dries.
4. Rings for laces can be a problem - be careful with them to dye the fabric around, use cotton buds. The rings themselves can also be painted, but be prepared for the fact that several of the upper ones will peel off after frequent lacing in a couple of weeks - the acrylic is reliable, but the constant friction of the dense weaving of the cord will wipe it off.
5. Use the same sticks for small parts, if you prefer paint rather than felt-tip pens. By the way, markers do not always fit well over acrylic, it depends on the manufacturer, try several options in the store.
6. If you make a mistake, use acetone or nail polish remover, soak a cotton wool with them and wipe off any excess part with force.
7. After the pictures are complete, let them dry - then you can’t accidentally smear the picture.


How to decorate sneakers with their own hands using paints and plastics


8. Circles on the ankles with the logo of the company do not like everyone; they can be replaced. Argue or pick off the existing circles and replace them with your own, made of flexible plastic. In order for the image on them to be convex, it is best to use a piece of wood and an ordinary children's burning apparatus — burn 3-4 mm.drawing along the lines, and then press the circle from the plastic into the workpiece, the lines on the circle will become convex. Bake, and then just stick.


Remember - you should not make a circle thick, otherwise it will not hold well. If thin does not work, pierce it along the edges in four places before baking and sew, and do not glue to the fabric.


9. Add spikes or other decorations that can be sewn, hammered or glued - this is the last layer of the decor.
10. The gym shoes are ready!

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