How to decorate the school for the New Year

How to decorate the school for the New YearChildren are always looking forward to the New Year, because this is the most beloved and fun holiday. In addition to the fact that every child is engaged in decorating his room at home with great joy and delight, children do it at school with even greater enthusiasm. A lot of positive emotions and fun ideas appear among children and teachers who want to make a festive atmosphere in their own school.

How to decorate the school foyer for the New Year

Crossing the school threshold, you already want to feel the spirit of celebration, so you need to start the decoration from the door: hang a charm or a wreath of fir, wrap the door handle with rain. If possible, inflate the plastic figures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden and put them at the entrance, but then you must be on duty next to them, because children really love to be naughty. If the area allows, you can install a large fluffy Christmas tree in the hallway, decorate it with unbreakable toys, colorful serpentine, rain and garlands.Walls can be decorated with thematic Christmas posters and drawings that children can do themselves. You can pre-announce a competition for the best picture, then the guys will probably try very hard for the whole school to admire their creativity.

Snowflakes can be glued to the windows, a Christmas tree can be laid out with the help of a garland and double-sided scotch, expositions made of cones and ikebans made of pine branches will look great on the windowsills.

How to decorate the school for the New Year

Class decoration for the New Year

Children approach the adornment of the class very responsibly and creatively, because one wants so much that their class is the best. It looks very nice if the room is decorated in two or three colors that are combined and in harmony with each other, for example, golden, silver and blue, or green and yellow. It is clear that to install a large Christmas tree will not allow the area, but a small neat Christmas tree on the teacher's desk will not be superfluous. Your windows will look more festive with snowflakes and rain on the windows. There is a minimum of decorations in the classroom - and the higher, the better, because there are a lot of children, there is not much space, at recesses they even do that they run and jump, so most of the toys and garlands will suffer anyway.

Try to decorate the school class with your own hands, let every student at home, either alone or with parents, make a New Year's toy, draw a poster or make any crafts on the New Year's theme, which can be used to decorate the room.

In the same way you can decorate the school hall for the New Year, usually it is a huge bright room where you can roam the fantasy. But it is not necessary there to demolish all the tinsel that is in the store - everything should be in moderation and with taste.

How to decorate the school for the New Year

What can be done on the New Year at school

As noted above, you can declare a contest for the best picture or the most original crafts for the holiday with your own hands, organize an exhibition of New Year decorations or arrange competitions between students for the most beautiful and stylish design of the classroom. You can also invite children to compose a verse on a New Year's theme or write a greeting. And, it goes without saying, to hold a costumed matinee for elementary classes with fun contests and gifts from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden - from this, kids will be delighted.

How to decorate the school for the New Year

For high school students it would be appropriate to hold a disco and set a sweet table.To make everyone satisfied, it is better to organize a small meeting with the elders of the classes, so that the children can make their proposals and express the general opinion of their classmates about the organization of the holiday.

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