How to disconnect a melody instead of a beep on MTS

How to disconnect a melody instead of a beep on MTSOne of the leading modern cellular operators, MTS, provides its users with many additional services. One of these services is the service "Beep". With this option, each subscriber can replace the standard call waiting sounds for a melody. Someone would like such a function, but many consider it a waste of money. Below we will explain how to disable the melody instead of the dial tone on the MTS.

What is this service?

The “Beep” service is an entertaining option, if activated, the caller instead of the standard short beeps will hear music in the handset of the phone. Users of this service have the opportunity to choose their favorite composition from the options or use several melodies in a row. This service is provided on a paid basis and its cost varies depending on the conditions chosen by the subscriber.

The “Beep” service on MTS has its own website, by going to which you can activate or deactivate the service, select or change the melody, find out information about the subscription fee, create your own list from the songs you like, etc.

It often happens that the mobile operator during the next promotion gives you the right to use the service for free for a certain period. Many subscribers connect this option, use it for a month for free, and then just forget to turn it off. After a while they understand that from their balance every month certain means are written off. In the event that the company's customers do not wish to pay for this service, they will need to deactivate it. How this can be done, we will tell further.

How to disable the service

How to disconnect a melody instead of a beep on MTS

Method number 1

The easiest way to deactivate a service is to dial a key combination on the keyboard of a mobile device: * 111 * 29 #. By making a call to this number, you will disable the “Beep” service on the MTS.

Method number 2

You can get rid of unnecessary options otherwise. Take your passport and go to the nearest MTS office, there you can contact a specialist and ask him to help you deactivate this service.

Method number 3

If you want to disable the "Beep" service without leaving your home, call the call center operator. Here you will need to choose the option that suits you:

  1. MTS subscribers in Russia can use the short number: 0890. The call is free of charge.
  2. If you are going to call from a landline phone, then you should dial the following combination of numbers: 8 800 250 0890. You will not have to pay for such a call either.

    How to disconnect a melody instead of a beep on MTS

  3. For those who are outside the country, we suggest using the number: +7 (846) 2675000. This service also will not cost you a penny.

Method number 4

In addition to the above methods, you can use another one: to resort to the help of the Internet:

  1. Log in from your personal computer to the official website of MTS.
  2. Find the “Internet Assistant” option there.
  3. To access your personal account, you will need to enter your mobile number and password in the required fields. You can receive the password as follows: dial * 111 * 25 # on the phone and press the call button.
  4. Logging in, you will see a menu. In it you should find the tab “Tariffs and Services” and open the option “Service Management” there.How to disconnect a melody instead of a beep on MTS
  5. Having done this, you will see on the screen a list of all the services connected to your number. You can disable any of these services, including “Beep”.

We have listed all simple and affordable ways to deactivate the “Beep” service on MTS. Choose any option that suits you best.

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