How to drill a file

How to drill a red-hot file into a light one? A very simple way that you need in life. A little trick of using the tool for other purposes or not for the intended purpose. A short master class on drilling hardened steel.

Drilling a hot file

So, we fix the file in the vice of a drilling machine. Insert the drill into the glass and tile in the cartridge. Yes - yes, the drill with which the glass or tile is drilled.
Than to drill a file
Let us spray abundantly the drill and the place of drilling with grease.
Than to drill a file
And proceed to the drilling holes. Just like with a regular drill and metal.
Than to drill a file
After a brief drilling, raise the speed.
How to drill a file
Again, let’s spray with grease and continue drilling.
Than to drill a file
The hole is drilled, but not completely.Since the drill on the glass has a taper-shaped soldering, the drilled hole, when not completely passing the drill, will also have a cone shape.
Than to drill a file
To make a hole even, you need to turn the file and drill a hole on the reverse side.
How to drill a file
In most cases, craftsmen take a special drill for such cases and regrind, I also suggested a simpler method.

Why do I need to drill a file?

That's right, absolutely no need to drill it! This is only a vivid example of how and how you can drill hardened steel, hard-alloy, and fast-cut. In general, take into service, use, write comments.

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