How to entertain guests at a festive table?

On the nose of a grand party or a friendly get-together? The menu is completely thought out and ready, the outfit is picked up, make-up waits for the hour, and to the hairdresser you already for a long time descended or went? It seems that everything is ready, everything is thought through to the smallest detail, because the main thing is that the guests must be full and cheerful.

With the first moment everything is decided, but with the second one, maybe it's worth thinking about. The hosts of the celebration do not always think about the emotional component of the celebration, arguing that the most important thing is to feed and drink the guests, and everything else will be done by itself. But it was not there.


To make the party truly memorable, the evening is bright and intense, and the rumors about your grand celebration spread for a long time among friends who could not attend such a fun event, first of all, you need to think about entertainment.

Of course, if you are planning a serious celebration with a large number of guests, then the furrows of government and fun can be given into the hands of a professional toastmaster, who easily organizes your leisure with all the knowledge.

But even here they lie in wait for their pitfalls: there is always a risk to spend an evening in the joke of past years, the relevance of which has evaporated along with last year’s snow. Therefore, it is much more fun and, more importantly, more reliably, to entertain your guests on your own, and for this you should first prepare and collect a collection of good games and entertainment.

How can you entertain guests at the table? The question, albeit a difficult one, has its own solution, which we will help you find. So here we go!

A good evening begins with good music.

Have fun, have fun, dance like this with music! To set the desired tone for the evening, to please everyone and everyone with a good mood, you must necessarily work on a good musical design of the evening.

Take care of this in advance

Remember, music preferences are different for everyone, so you need to select something popular, medium and not stressful. This we say to the fact that if you are a fan of hard rock or crazy about reggae, it still does not mean that everyone will share your tastes and be able to enjoy your time under the heavy attacks of rock musicians. The simplest option is to search the Internet for free tops or ratings of popular music.

Further more

After the guests got together, ate and drank a little, relaxed under the pleasant music and discussed all the exciting topics, we need to gradually reconfigure them to the possible options for rest. Conversations and funny jokes are good, but they can easily accompany you, for example, playing a game of board games.

A good option

For example, everyone has known from the very childhood, Monopoly, where everyone can feel like a successful businessman and a millionaire. Someone likes lotto or erudite, there are other, more modern board games, for example, “Munchkin”, role-playing game with the use of card tools.

We must not forget about Scrabble, an intellectual, but at the same time very fun and popular board game, which is among the top ten in all ratings!

But, if, after all, table games are not your horse, you should not mourn, you can pick up other, equally interesting options. For example, after all the guests are gathered, everyone can be given a small liver with a wish.

And tasty and interesting

It is absolutely easy to bake such cookies, the main thing is that it is hollow inside, of course, do not forget to put a piece of good and bright wishes or prediction in it.Each guest will be very interested to know what his prediction will tell, even if it’s not real.


Perhaps one of the most famous and popular games of a large company, is a crocodile or pantomime. The rules are simple: all participants are divided into two teams, choose one leader (you can do without him).

The essence of the game is as follows: by mimicry and gestures, participants must guess that they were told by their rivals or the leader, if there is one. The rules of the game prohibit a player who is currently showing a word making any sounds, writing any words in the air and pointing to objects that may indirectly point to a hidden word.


Wins the team that guessed the most words. It is possible to play and all together, the first leader shows a hidden word, and the one who guessed it, goes to show the following what the previous player has planned.


Another game, which is known in many countries, has recently become overgrown with such popularity that its fans began to gather in entire groups and clubs of interest, arranging evenings of the game in the mafia.

It is a very interesting and fascinating game that makes you constantly in suspense, suspect others and seek out players who are not the ones they claim to be.

In three words, the essence of the game: all the players are divided into the mafia, civilians and the sheriff, the main goal of the mafia is to destroy all the locals, and the locals must, on the contrary, identify the mafia and put it behind bars.


There is always a leader in the game who commands the “parade”, distributes cards, which determine who in the game will be who controls the processes, helps to hold discussions and make decisions. In the process, there are always casus and funny situations, the company quickly finds a common language and is imbued with the basic meaning of the game.

In order for the game not to seem boring and meaningless, the minimum number of players should be 8-16 people, if there are more people, then you definitely will not get any pleasure from noise and constant conversations.

By the way, the Mafia has many variations and different rules, choose the most convenient for you, familiarize yourself with the players and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of laughter, risk and fun confusion.

And what else?

If all the games are already tired or just did not go, then there are always good old forfeits, a game of guessing characters, question-answer, burime and even karaoke! Very well, by the way, it’s good if someone present knows how to play the guitar, songs for such a musical instrument always unite and raise the general tone of the collective.

Do not forget about card games, for example, poker, if such serious games are not to your liking, then you can always get by with simple, but funny, “Fool”, “Queen of Spades” and so on.

Interesting entertainment can always be found, the main thing is the desire, as well as the general mood of the team, dancing till you drop, songs to the hoarse throat, or a twister until the morning - this is not at all a table option, but this is no less popular and loved by many.

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