How to feed the roses after planting

Generally, before planting roses, you must correctly prepare a flower bed. If at this stage the soil is fertilized with suitable fertilizers, for example, droppings or rotted manure, then after planting the bushes, you can miss the moment of adding additional fertilizer and allow the flower to take root, adapt to new conditions.

However, if the above works were not carried out and the rose was initially planted in depleted soil or there were signs of lack of nutrition on the bushes (curvature of the whips, change in the color of the foliage, etc.), it is necessary to feed the culture with complex fertilizer. For example, one of the following drugs will do: "Bud Plus", "Zircon", "Pocon".

Also, after planting roses, you can feed the infusion of ash. To do this, it is necessary to dissolve 100 grams of dry matter in five and three liters of water, after which the more concentrated mixture should be foliar top dressing (spraying), and less concentrated - the root one.However, here it is worth remembering that if the soil in the flowerbed has alkaline indicators, then it is not worth making ash water. The fact is that a rose loves a neutral ground, and the shift of its acid-base indicator in any direction can negatively affect its condition.

As for organics, the roses best respond to infusions of litter and mullein. However, in order to correctly prepare a solution for growing colors, it is necessary to know the exact proportions of fertilizer and water. For example, litter should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 20, and mullein - 1 to 10, while fertilizers obtained by infusion of the above components, must be diluted with water before entering the soil, optimally - in half.

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