How to find an interior designer: tips on choosing a specialist

Decide what kind of result you want to get and evaluate whether you really need a designerthe interior�or it will be enough to look through special magazines on the interior. Consult with your builders, an experienced team often knows how to implement this or that design solution.
Decide what is the determining factor for you: an exclusive interior by any means and means or the price of the issue. Remember, whatever designer you turn to, such work will not cost a penny, calculate your budget.
Choose where to go for a design project: a well-known company or a private designer. Keep in mind that many private designers, having worked for a certain time as full-time employees of a design company and gaining experience, go into �free swimming�.Such private designers can guarantee a high level of work at a lower price than a firm would have requested.
Refer to friends. If any of them used the servicesdesignerthe interior, you can not only take a contact phone number or address of the master, but also see with your own eyes the final result of the workdesigner�in the apartment or office of friends.
If you don�t have a single friend, searchdesignerthe interior�on advertisements in newspapers and on websites. The city telephone help service can also give a list of addresses and telephone numbers of designers and design firms of the city that are available in their database.
ChoosingdesignerFirst of all pay attention to his work experience. Check out his portfolio - photos of already completed projects. If possible, visit in person at those facilities, the design of which the specialist was engaged in, to assess the degree of his skill.
Rate the person himself: he is pleasant to you or his manners cause negative emotions. First, you will have to communicate with him for some time, coordinate the details, discuss ideas.Secondly, if you look at the finished interior you will not admire it, but only remember how you didn�t like the designer, not even the most chic project will make you feel satisfied.

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