How to find out if there are worms?

Natalia Alexandrova
Natalia Alexandrova
July 18, 2012
How to find out if there are worms?

If you or your child are often on the street, eating in public places, and in contact with animals and other people, then there is a chance that you will have worms. Who are they? Worms are worms, parasites that live in the body and feed on the host’s substances.

How to find out if the child has worms

Most often, children are concerned about itching in the perineum and anus, respectively, children are trying to scratch these places. It is also possible rumbling, abdominal discomfort, weakness, lethargy of the body. During vaccinations, allergic reactions may occur, so it is necessary to ensure that the child does not pull his hands and various objects in his mouth, as well as regularly take tests.

How to find out if adults have worms

  • Discomfort in the stomach, intestines;
  • Itching in the anus (aggravated at night and at rest);
  • General weakness, possibly nausea;
  • Reduction or sometimes weight gain;
  • You can also see live or dead worms in the feces.

These are the main symptoms, but in some people they do not manifest themselves, so it is necessary to take an analysis of feces on the eggs of the worm and observe preventive measures.

How to find out if animals have worms

  • Animals often “ride” on the priest on the floor - this is the first sign, they itch under the tail, and this is the only way to scratch;
  • The pet has no appetite, does not gain weight.

For prophylaxis, periodically give your pet a pill for worms.

Preventive measures

  • Wash hands and not bring them to the mouth, in particular before eating, after talking with animals, while in public places;
  • Do wet cleaning;
  • To iron underwear (it is possible to get worms not only through the mouth);
  • Wash vegetables and fruits well, boil or fry fish, meat, canned food (it is better not to eat raw, dried fish);
  • Periodically take a stool test (this is the best diagnostic method) for worm eggs, drink preventive medications.

Let there be no parasites in your life!

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