How to find the "Desktop"?

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How to find the "Desktop"?

The desktop is the first thing that appears on the screen when the computer is already fully turned on. It contains your favorite screen saver and the most important shortcuts (however, some are not only important). Surely, everyone is interested in how to find the desktop with all the files and shortcuts in the form of a regular system folder.

How to find the Desktop folder

Windows xp

To find this folder, use the application "My Computer" or any other convenient file manager, and find the following path: C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator \ Desktop. In other words, on drive C, you need to find a folder called "Documents and Settings", and in it is the "Administrator" folder, in which the "Desktop" folder is located.

Sometimes in the computer create many accounts, except the Administrator. In this case, instead of the "Administrator" folder, you need to select a folder that is called the same as the name of the account you need.

Windows 7 and Vista

Here again, it is necessary to carry out similar actions, only the location of the desired folder is slightly different.Namely: C: \ Users \ Administrator \ Desktop (C: \ Users \ Administrator \ Desktop).

In the same way as in the case of the Windows XP version, it is a matter of accounts - if there are several of them on a computer, select the folder whose name corresponds to the name of the account.

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