How to find the passport number?

Natalya Vavilova
Natalya Vavilova
March 6, 2013
How to find the passport number?

A passport is the most used document of a citizen. With it, you can get a loan, arrange a large purchase, get a job. Without a passport you cannot prove who you are.

Sometimes you need to enter information about yourself in a contract or application form, where you need to enter your passport details How to find the passport number? In the Russian version of the document, the number is duplicated on each page. The first four digits of it are a series of passports, the other six are a number. Usually, you need to specify not only the series and number, but also by whom and where it was issued.

If for some reason it is required to find out the series and number of the passport of another person, this can hardly be done by legal means. Unless you are cataloging your passport information by occupation or working for the police. This information is secret, and you can only access the database with passport numbers by circumventing the law.

It is known that the database in which citizens' passport information is stored is in the police. You can find out the number of any passport by calling the employee’s last name and password.This password can be recognized by any police officer. Therefore, it is realistic to find out such information, having friends there.

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