How to find your credit history in 2018

You will need
  • Passport, email
The borrower's credit history is stored as records in one or several credit bureaus at once. The bureau is a commercial organization that collects, stores and provides reports on credit obligations and their fulfillment of loans. Several credit bureaus may be located on the territory of one federal district.
The bank provides information on the loan issued only to one of the bureaus with which it constantly cooperates. In order not to contact each bureau and determine in which of them there are records of the credit history of a particular borrower, there is a central catalog of credit histories. Therefore, to find out your creditthe story, you first need to make a request to the central directory and get the corresponding bureau list.
For a request to the central catalog via the post office, send a telegram to the address: ”Moscow TsKKI”.In the telegram you need to specify: surname, name, patronymic, passport data (series, number, date of issue) and e-mail address to which the response should be sent to the central catalog. The e-mail address must be specified in Latin characters, all punctuation marks must be included, and the @ symbol must be replaced with the combination - (a).
Make a reassuring inscription on your telegram. The certification is a confirmation for the central catalog that the request was made by you. To do this, point out the need for a certifying letter to the mail worker. After checking your documents, he will add the appropriate line to the telegram, for example: “I will certify my personal signature and passport data from Petrov Ivan Ivanovich”.
Check your email address in the telegram. After receiving the telegram, the central catalog will send to your e-mail a reply, which will indicate in which bureau or several credit history bureaus information about the credits you received is stored.
After receiving the letter, make a request to each credit bureau specified in the response of the central catalog.To do this, send a telegram to each of them, which should be framed in the same way as a telegram to the central catalog of credit histories. After that, your credit history records will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in them.

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