How to fix scoliosis

You will need
  • - comfortable chair;
  • - subscription to the pool;
  • - exercise.
Scoliosis can be corrected if the process does not go too far. First you need to move more. Pills to get rid of the problem is impossible. You need to start with the correction of muscle stereotype and the elimination of zones of muscle tension.
The standard and most effective exercise to correct scoliosis: stand with your back against the wall, lean against it with shoulders, shoulder blades, back of your head, calves and heels, stand for a few minutes and when you move away from the wall try to keep this posture as much as possible. Do this several times a day. The meaning of the exercise is to memorize the correct posture. If you do it every day, scoliosis will correct with time.
Sitting at home at the computer or at work, remember that the back carries a large load. Lie back in a chair, relax your muscles. If there is no pain, and you can sit with your back straight, then the height of the seat is important, as your feet should be completely on the floor.Buy yourself a chair home where you can sit with your back straight. Its height should be such that, while sitting, the knees are above the plane of the chair. The armrests should not affect the lift of the shoulder, and the back bend should coincide with the natural curvature of the spine.
Swimming helps to correct scoliosis - this is a useful exercise that has a beneficial effect on overall health. During the workout, the back muscles are strengthened, the tension of the superficial muscles is relieved. Basically during swimming, the muscle tension that has accumulated as a result of physical exertion and stress is eliminated. Therefore, 2 times a week, visit the pool.
It is necessary to correct scoliosis, as the curved spine not only shortens the height of the body, but also leads to the displacement and deformation of the internal organs. However, some organs may suffer to a small extent, while others drastically change their position and size.

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