How to get free steam-games and a key

How to get free steam-games and a key

How to get free steam-games and a key

After years of its existence, the online video game store Steam has become a real giant, a mastodon of his work. But when Gabe Newell was just starting work on the store, he was not promised anything but failures.


But after a while, the digital distribution service has become not just a store where you can get a key for Steam, but I’m not afraid of this phrase, a social network for gamers.


steamA lot of thematic communities, a developed multi-user component, pleasant prices and frequent discounts.


But not all players can pay for the project they like and it was for them that this article was written devoted to one important question - how to get free Steam keys? Let's get the most out of this.


Getting free keys for Steam

The very first idea that comes to mind is participation in various contests where you can get a Steam key for free. In the network, you can find more than one hundred different resources, which make it possible to get the treasured key completely free of charge.


But conditions vary almost everywhere - someone asks to distribute the entry about the competition, someone wants to receive competitive pictures or other works. Of course, it’s safest to take part in contests that are held by some large portal. Yes, the competition will be high, but you will know for sure that if you win, the organizers will without a word give you a chance to get free Steam games. Let's look at a few specialized sites.


Steam gifts - in order to register here, you need to have your Steam account, which contains at least $ 100 (the price of all purchased games is summed up). If you have such an account, then the chance of getting Steam games for free is quite large.


How to get free steam-games and a key


Play blink - if the above site requires an account with a hundred dollars, then this resource is less picky. Here you will be able to participate in many key hands, but an interesting feature lies in the fact that in some hands not the chosen person wins, but the player who scores the most points in local games, such as Balls or Crystals.


Game miner is a good Russian-language portal, where it is quite difficult to register, but it is easy to get games on Steam! Registration only for special invite codes that can be presented to you by system members. Thus, the number of users is not too large, which increases the chances of success. And on top of that, here you can find such distributions that do not require glasses at all.


Gala giveaways is the last interesting site on our list. He is still quite young, but his creators are the owners of the famous portal Gala indie, where you can buy collections of indie games for ridiculous money.


How to get free games in steam

The second way to get Steam games for free is to search for suitable projects in the store itself. Yes, yes, you heard right, if you dig around thoroughly, you can find absolutely free games. A couple of clicks, download and now you are already playing for free. Examples include projects such as: The Lord of the Rings Online, Codename Gordon, America’s Army 3, or Alien swarm. And this is only the very beginning of the list.


How to get free steam-games and a key


In addition, you can download and play various modifications based on the well-known Valve engine - Sourse for free. You can find pretty high-quality work.


In order to get a free Steam you need to do just a couple of clicks - the digital store can be downloaded completely free. You only need to find the keys to the games and you can go on a terrific journey.

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